Morning 2011-1-1

I don't know why 7 morning 8 morning at 6 am me and my daughter already wake up and welcome the new day of 2011. Today is special day 2011 first of  January ( 2011-1-1 ) so many 1 there. Wah.. if November eleven more best again, 2011-11-11 I'm sure this day many people go Kahwin one!!!
Anyway first of all I want to wish you all people "No Sick No Pain" for the whole year. Healthy is most in important...

Btw thanks for all the greeting sending THROUGH sms.... hahaha although is not a lot but is better than the Christmas just 1! I totally received 9s from sms, 6 from whatapps and 5 from Skype and 1 at my FB inbox. See this kind of season greeting is suppose to be...You greet me I greet you!!!  

So year 2011 I'm gonna set a goal also. "Lose Weight" is my first set of goal.. I want to throw away my big flabby's belly. Just wait and see my result lah! I don't know how long I need to take but I'll do my best.