Mee Ayam/Chicken Noodle

I'm sure you ever hear about people say"Do Not Judge The Book By The Cover" right???
Now today you have learn this new sentence " Do Not Judge Mee Ayam With Kolomee"
I can't say I "LOVE" to eat this because we just meet today; we need some time to built up the relationship for some period but at the moment now I would like to use this  I "SUKA" eat this Mee Ayam coz is really delicious... I never eat noodles like this type, This Is not Kolomee style or Soto, Lasak or Bakso.. Is totally a new dish for me!!! I don't know how to tell you the taste... It have some lemon smell and other Rampa in there. The taste are really unique. The 1st time you see it on your table the time sure you not gonna like it coz it really looks Oily.... is very very very Oily type.... You see already also Gali one!!!
But here are the Magic... after you have the 1st bite and you start can't stop eating it and you don't feel oily at all!!! Is true!!! The sauce/soup really special+steady one!!!

One of my maid she is come from Jawa Timur ( East Java ) and she told me this is their home town dishes and is very common there... every way also can find and she like to eat also!!!
I'm not a Indon Food's Lover (beside Indomee) I can say this is the best Indon and I like to eat now!!!
I really really strongly recommend this "MEE AYAM" at the Tanjung Nangka!!!
How I found this Mee Ayam? Thanks to one of my new friend from Tutong Town and he strongly recommend me must try this Mee Ayam. So today I ask Thanis Lim to join me for this Food Hunting.
Is not very hard to find.... all you have to do is just go straight after you have pass the Senkurong traffic lights.. After like 500/600 meter you can see the simpang 1626 on the right hand side there is a green wooden house on the road side and the magical mee ayam is inside waiting for you!!!

In case you still don't have the image of the place then you mind need this map I snapshot from the google earth

You actually can park your car next to the Mini Mart there and walk through the kitchen but this is their real front entrance. 

This is inside look.... So kampong style I kinda like it but if you at the afternoon of coz a bit hot lah... but don't worry they have plenty of Fans there to cool you down. 

But say true true one fans also not use one coz after you have try their sambal-belacan I guarantee you also sweats one lah!!! So if you don't like to be hot so try go there night time coz they open from 7am to mid-night 12am.  

Some of the menu I really never see before one.. like what is this "LELE Masak Lemak Chili Api"???

Their Ayam Penyet also famous and nice but I not introduce here coz I think Ayam Penyet are too common already. 

This is another thing we found very unique and special one... "BEBEK GORENG"- fried duck!!! 

I also like it... some part of the duck bones are actually can eat also coz they deep fried it until crispy!!!

I'm sure some of you never try and heard before yah!!!

Nice but too bad the portion size to small for me!!!

Some say their Tongseng and Mee Bakso also very nice... Maybe next time I'm gonna try this both!!!!

Thanis Lim busy taking the Mee Ayam Photo!! 

The Boss!!!

I strongly recommend her food here and also suggest you go try in day time for your 1st time there coz is more easy for you to find then next time just go in evening or night time coz not too hot lah! If you familiar with the area then is ok lah. I hear the lady boss she say in night time got more people to come here and eat her food and some time is very hard to find seat and car park too! 
Guys... I really like their food and I hope you like it also!!! If you don't believe I say.. see here!!!!!