The Lost Kid

All I can say is Speechless... Speechless..... and Speechless. This is what had happen to me and my friends today. We went to shopping at Gadong The Mall there and after we finish our shopping stuff and ready to go the time all of sudden there is a young boy come out from no way and he play with my friend's son JJ. They both at first just playing around with the Loading Lift's button during the time we all waiting for the guess lift. But after a while when the lift arrived so we all pop into the lift lah. Then some how the boy also step in together with another man. At first we thought that man is his father but then when we arrived at the Lower Basement and toward to my car the time that young boy also follow us. Then we realize that man is not his father... this young boy just follow us like nobody business like that. We all shocking.... How can this boy just go around in The Mall and without an parent's supervision!!! 
OMG..... so we have no choice and bring him back to the floor where we meet. But still we don't see anyone is looking for him; so we bring him to the shopping center's security guard and ask them to help this young boy to located his parents.
Luckily this Philippine boy is in Brunei "The Most Peaceful Country In Asia" If is in other country I think don't know where he selling to already just like those kids in the "Slum Dog Millionaire" movie. I can't imagine how his life is after all. I really hope this young boy's parents can really learn their lesson, No matter how naughty boy is.....still have to keep on eyes on him. Kids never know what they have done right or wrong... They always innocent one!!! Luckily he meet the TIGER.LIM™ and Friends if not.... Die already also cry no tears!!!! ( Which mean regret and cry after the incident also no use )