Is Already There!!!

I know is a bit late talking about this issue but I hope it still help out some dude or remind you again here. If you are a new iPhone user then you are lucky and remember this post. 
Maybe some of you are like me had heard some people using iPhone or Blackbelly or FTC phones have charges for hundreds or thousands dollars of the Internet's bill after they come back home from oversea !!! Don't be surprise if you didn't go any way but still in Brunei! Is true it can be happen to you too if you are staying and some where Muara, Meragang, Mentiri, Kuala Lurah or Sungai Tujuh area coz that the area sometime you can received Malaysia's line too. If your cellular data is on.. you could be charge for unwanted bill for that. But if you are using Easi line like me then you will be save! 
In the iPhone itself it has already tell you to
 " Turn data roaming off when abroad to avoid substantial roaming charges when using email, wed browsing, and other data services."  
For me I always turn it off.. 1st is save my credit, 2nd is save my battery! I only use it out side when I really need to online or surf something....
So guys... I hope this can help you and be a "Smart" smartphone user and don't be a blockhead to pay for the stupid unwanted charges bills........ good luck~~~