iPhone 4 For Rent

Anyone who is interested to have one iPhone 4? Doesn't it sound good if someone here is doing this kind of business? Why not someone is doing renting phone business here oh!!!
If have right... so for some people who love to have one but cannot afford to buy or they just want to try using it for few day before they buy.... I think this is good business ( perhaps )
Or selling the iPhone 4 for $100.00 but only terms and conditions apply only... just like buying shop house have 60 years to 99 years one after that have to return to the landlord! So buy iphone also have like that. $100.00 for 2 weeks and need some deposit also!!! Isn't that good? 
But of coz.. once it drop or scratching then either you buy it or repaid it lo!!! Good or not like that?