How To Fix It?

I never see this problem with a new set of an iPhone 4 and this is my first time. One of my friend's brother bought new iPhone 4 back from UK and It can't use here... Funny things is his brother brought back 4 unit; 3 are ok only his got this problem...
 Putting the new Micro Sim card from the DST but it say can't use!!! Even I use my own sim card inside the set also the same thing.....
(see the snap shot below)

His told me that this is buy from the UK Apple Store ..... Strange ha.... how come like that one.. 3 unit are Ok only his cannot use. I think maybe this set of iPhone4 have to use their London line kali... But don't know why after I restore and updated it still cannot use here... Keep on saying the the sim card we use is not compatible. After an hour to fixing still not hope of sign for him... Sorry my friend cannot help you! Only one word to say to you.. Ouch!!! 
 First of all buy from UK are already wrong coz the 16GB one already cost 510.00 pounds which is mean expensive than Singapore one 888.00 and now this kind of problem happen again lah, people one Ok but yours not! So now the only way is either go back UK and change or seeking someone more expert one to do for you my friends.
My sister in law one also got this kind of problem, I help her to buy from Singapore one and it looks like kana lock but after restore it and everything will be Ok and can use sudah.... but this one from UK I don't know why... maybe is contract set one lah...must use back O2  or AT&T sim card....Maybe!!!
But for my advise I suggest you people want to get an iPhone 4 better get it from Singapore one. If anything happen to the phone next time; you still can to it here near near ma right!!!

Tips to restore iPhone: Press and Hold the "Home" and 'No/Off" button together at the same time. Hold up to ten second. wait until it shutdown everything then you release it and wait for few second it automatic restart one!!! Restore Done!!!

P/s: don't eat full full got nothing to do; go and try restore the phone dude!!!