Ho Chi Ming Sing Loi Krathong Song

Of coz he is not the real Ho Chi Ming from Vietnam is just he look a like him. I met this old man back to 3 years ago and I found his is so sporting walaupun he is old. I guess he got 60 plus or nearly 70 and yet he is still strong... no sick no pain. Everyday went to hiking in the morning and every weekend joining us for the happy hour section. But I thing I cannot tahan him is every time after few cans into his stomach and he starting talking a lot. From East to West or Hell to Heaven nothing he don't know; anything also can talk....( sound like me). The best part is when he drunk some time he have other country language said from this mouth one... So last weekend he request to take his video with sing a Thai song name "Loi Krathong" to post in Youtube. I think he sang not so bad but it just we can't stop laughing at him. He is so awesome.... Is hard to find an old man like his can be so sporting and steady one!!! I salute to you Garry!!! I think I had learn something from him today... "Happy" Live Longer, "Laugh" Live Healthier!!!