Happy Birthday To

Amigo.....Habi Birthday to you!!!  
I having fun with the party last weekend at his crib and that night theme is Mexican. I went to Hokko and get this table cloth for $23.00. Is very easy to do this Mexican Serape just cut a hole at the middle of the cloth and that it! Of coz on that night not all the guest dress like a Mexican so all them can do is wearing the fake Sombrero buy from the local hardware store. Btw thanks for the invitation and party is great and hope I get invite again next year of your costume party!!!

I'm the 1st guest of the day!!!

No costume? never mind just wear the hat lah!! 

Yo Amigo.... 

Ops....... Is it twins or having in the same store??? lol

The lovely couples...... and happy 23th birthday my friend!!!