I love Thailand snake snack food... seriously I really like it a lot. They have different different type of snack food there. From Hot and Spicy to Sweet and Juicy macam-macam ada.... During my trip to Thailand I Must and Love to go 7-11 or FamilyMart to buy their local snack food and stock it up in my hotel room. Me and my friend Justin.P always like to stock it up and tapao back to Brunei. Wherever we go in Thailand. Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket when we doing the show... Snacks is part of our life... Am I right Justin.P? hahahah
Almost 8 months already I haven't go Thailand there see see walk walk and I miss the places... I miss 7-11 and FamilyMart... I miss my Ladyboy!!!!! T.T
But luckily now we have this FISHO here in Brunei already and is imported by the AIKING TRADING. 
DPP this is No:1 selling snack in Thailand one ah.... Don't Siao Siao there. This is good man.... now I not need fly to Thailand and also can eat their snack sudah. All the Thailand snack food sure have come with different type of flavor and different size. Like this Fisho also... It have Super Tasty, BBQ, Cuttlefish and Soy Sauce flavor and Big pack, small pack and long pack.... some how also have come with special design for lady too. Coz in Thailand most of the Thai girl there are pretty-beauty and skinny-shining one... So they also have for lady eg this Fisho iDee it is high calcium and Fiber suitable for lady eat one. All Fisho is come with high protein and low fat and 80%is fish meat.
And then I also love to watch their advert one... very damm funny one man... like this one here their Fisho advert

There is a secret way to eat and is more delicious one... Put into the Microwave and Ding for 25 to 30 second then cool it down for 1 minute... It automatic turn very crispy and I'm sure you gonna love it too!!!! But it don't tahan lama... after awhile it turn soft again unless you eat in the aircon room lah.

This coming Consumer Fair 7 at ICC they having free sampling there also and it start from Jan 6 - 9. 
and you also can buy now at: Sim Kim Huat, Pertama Jaya, Teguh Raya or any other mini mart or some other mini mart.

Only the Big Pack has come with Dipping Sauce