First Day School...

I never miss this, as long as which niece is her first day go to school in their life I must wanted them to stand pose outside our house and take picture one then baru send them to school. Of coz I also take their picture and video in the class. So today I also do the same thing too taking picture and sending my niece too school. But one thing different is this year my 2 Big niece accompany me. 18 years ago I did the same thing to them and now here they are company their little sister!!! Isn't it sweet!!! 3 more years I going to do it again but is for my daughter.....heheheh me can't wait for that already!!!
So every year is the same nothing much different in the school.... This is also the day for some kids cry like hell one... is like they are facing the end of the world. I wondering after 3 years my daughter she would cry or not oh for the 1st day!!! If cry I really don't know how man!!!

I want to go home..........

Parents standby here in case their baby cry for help!!!!

My friend Noni she also sending her boy to this one and only Chinese school in Bandar too!!!

Looks like everything in under control....

My niece's classroom and classmate!!!

School time always the best and wonderful one.
Spotted some of my reader!!!

The school's canteen; is use to have nice food here but now I notice it was that good anymore as my time!

One of my favorite teacher during my secondary school time.