Die Also Don't Dare To Try

I feel like the Facebook macam very month changing they style one lah... change this change that like never end one. Then they tell you you can do or change a lot of stuff with your new FB, New profile, setting, photo, group etc..... But I realize one thing that no matter what FB do with the new thing I still cannot "TOUCH" the relationship status. Advise for those Married Man... 
Do Not Try To Click With That.... Let It Be There And Don't Ever Think About That For Fun Or Try!!!! 
You will go six foot under if you try it!!!!
Anything can be joke but not this FB relationship status... Woman can tahan if you say their food are bad or their nails, dresses, hair not nice or even you can joke about their Parents..... But not with this status. Trust me.... I see a lot this kind of case; Woman are very sensitive about this thing one....!! Is true.
Why??? Why are they so mad about this thing? The reason is very simple.... Just imagine that your wife change her relationship status to 'Widow' and she tell you " For Fun Only Ma...."!!!!