Consumer Fair Part 7 Kick Off

I think this year is more better then last year to see see and buy. I'm gonna visit there again tomorrow or weekend coz spending too much time for my friend to choose his new LED Tv and didn't really take a look. Something man very hard to make decision when the wife is around... "Honey... you like this", "Is this look good?" Which one is better 40'' or 42'' ? "  The wife only answer " Up To You"!!!
Guys is worth to visit lah but I can't guaranty you gonna like the Ocean World. One thing I don't understand is why every year they don't have much Gadget stuff selling there..... I hope can be more electrical gadget to see instate of every year you only see Tv Tv Tv tVTvtVtttvvv only!!!!! 

Poni Divers also taking a booth there...Anyone wanna learn diving?

One of my favorite drinks of all time.... I love to have this after my meal or during the party "Ribena+Vodka" yumyum......

Honey......can I have this machine at home??? I want oh... only 12k!!! can can can????

I wonder can this fit into my car or not.......

Boss... mau beli ka?

If you are a Japanese snack lover.... don't missed their booth!!!

More picture to come!!!!