Please Never Happen Again

snapshot from today's BB

This story remind me when I was very young. I remember I also have this experience when my mother brought we all brothers and sister to watch movie at the Batu Satu Seri complex cinema there. You know lah back to early 80's where got many entertainment one... the best one is watching movie loh. 
I remember I was leave outside the cinema, everyone is entering the cinema but except me. My mom and all forget me.... I was crying like hell outside there you know!!! After the movie started few minutes then one of my brother baru come out and look for me.... 
See...Anak Bungsu got one thing not good is they always been forgotten easily sometime by the family. In the movie "Home Alone" also same like this...  

1 Cents

Lucky me... Last night someone gave us this rare coins. I never see a cent come with square shape this is really worth to keep and I'm sure you thinking which country currency right? Is belong to Commissioners of Currency Malaya which mean also been used in Brunei during 1939-1942 before the 2nd World War. Awesome right... walaupun is just a 1 cent to me but I also happy with it. 
The other round shape one also not bad too got Rajah Brooke head there. This is more older, is 1927 Sarawak's currency back on that time. Lucky me.... hope this can be my lucky coins lah!!!

One Year One Time

Ya is the one year one time Mcdonalds with their Prosperity Burger. Every year they only have serve this burger during/before the CNY. I used to it every year must go Jangkau this burger once...hahaha ya lah eat eat one time and hopefully I can have a prosperity year.

If you ask me does it work and really have a prosperity year?
 I can say the prosperity is all for the Uncle Mc loh!!! 
And how is the taste of the burger??? 
I can say is not nice coz I every year I eat this I feel my mouth is full of black pepper!!!
Am I going to have this burger again next year?
Yes I do; coz I already mind set by this burger...die die also have to eat once a year!
So yesterday Friday I went down to Miri  for shopping and I didn't notice is a payday so there is so many  local car going down also. Aiyo the sungai tujuh there very jam man. After the shopping we stop by at the Mcdonalds near the E-Mart there and grab this burger. They one sale $6.00 for this prosperity meal and I think is worth to eat lah. So after I eat this burger and hopefully this year Rabbit Year that I can have Prosperity Year lah!!!
p/s: if you haven't ever visit the McDonalds website click here and check out what they have and what we don't!!!

This is how it look like with the packing... I'm not sure how it looks like with the Brunei's Mcdonalds one but some people day is different and the size also we don't have long size one like this! Don't know sure or not maybe next time I go check check!!!

New Trailer From Yuzz101

Guys check this out Yuzz101 and the gang got their new video coming out at this 3 days of Chinese New Year. This time they have gain a lot of improve with the acting and video edit+effect. Yuzz101 you people done a great video and keep it up. Guys please give them a "Click" to show your Local Support thanks!!!

Hadfa Enterprise Restaurant

Another good place you can bring your friends and family to dinning here. Is not easy and not so hard to locate this place. Why I say like that because this restaurant is not located at the any shopping center or complex is in a recreation park very close to Tungku Link and Batu Besurat. 
One thing I like the place not only because their food but also the place. We don't have much this kind of restaurant like this which is having a nice scenery; this is the one of the kind here and close to the town one.

I was invited to joining with the bloggers and media to have the restaurant's food testing and talk talk about the restaurant here. It is a nice place to bring your family and friends to dining here, not need to worry about traffic jam and looking for car park. The foods here are not bad and the price also reasonable too. But the only problem is I think there is not enough lights to spot on the walkway from the car park to the restaurant is a bit dark there. If they can put some more lights to spot on the park than is much more better and also it can look much more beautiful lagi!!! They also coming to serve fresh seafood soon, if you are a seafood lover you may try here next time.

Foods that we try on the last Sunday!!! 

On that night there is a tour group also dinning here, They are form Australia Gold Coast and they also love and enjoy the food here. 

In case you still don't know where is it just look at the map below or call their number +673 7106168 for reservation 

Finally Fixed

hehehehe.... Finally I fixed the lion head and fit a mouth for him but don't know why he look like  so grumpy there....hahahah Sorry I'm not a pro but anyway better than No Mouth lah! 
But one funny things is I think we both got a bit look alike don't you think so?
All and all I spend less then 20 dollars to recondition the Lion although is not that perfect but I'm happy of what I did! Next week before the CNY I'll bring back home at use it for decoration for my house but now I headache thinking how to hang this Cute Grumpy Red Lion!!!! 

Rare Lizard

Spotted this 3 legs lizard behind my house kitchen. I'm not sure it was born like that or is after a fight and lost its foreleg but whatever is that I think its was rare to see like this. Normally we heard is got 2 split tails one but this is 3 legs only. I saw it move very slowly on the wall and try to eat an insect but didn't got it! I wander how it can survived with 3 legs until now!!! At first I feel like wanted catch it but after the second thought I drop it coz I think it will die early than I feed him nothing!!! 
I see this day many people started love to keep reptile as their pets maybe for them could be they know how to keep it lah!!! 

Every 823 Years Your Head!!!

Is all Bullsit one lah!!! I proofed this is fake!!! October also have the same 5 Mondays, Saturdays and Sunday wat!!! And there is 7 months also have like this kind of date this year lah!!! So if you received this sms from you someone please tell them to check again the calender of year 2011!!! I don't know where this person he/she got this fact one and where and how he/she know is called the "Money Bags" anyway.... and also why must send to 8 person but not 9 or 10 leh???
I suggest you people forward my this post lagi good man!!! So stop believe this sit and save your money to send this message again lah!!!

Uncivilized Or What? Part II

Again I spotted one vehicle with this kind of nasty message sign behind their car! I wonder why is his trying to tell the world!! I feel like wanted ask can I try with his Mom!!! In case you have missed the part one click here. I'm not really like it and don't think this is a right way to show your MIND. I understand some people especially the youngster think this is not a big deal. It just  a STICKER only... ya you right is not  a big deal but it does a big deal if my daughter saw this one day and she ask me on the spot Daddy...Daddy... What is a FREEFUCKS*LESSON*!!!!
 Na... you see You tell me how am I gonna explain to her??? Oh ya I'm gonna say " A lesson we have to learn before we get marry" like that ka? 
I think this have to ban just like Books, Magazine, Internet, Tv, Radio or any public broadcast also ban for this kind of dirty nasty word come out. It should take action with this!!! 
If you really want to show please show in other way round lah like say/show a little the rest of the space let people think and guess like that ma!!!

Mee Ayam/Chicken Noodle

I'm sure you ever hear about people say"Do Not Judge The Book By The Cover" right???
Now today you have learn this new sentence " Do Not Judge Mee Ayam With Kolomee"
I can't say I "LOVE" to eat this because we just meet today; we need some time to built up the relationship for some period but at the moment now I would like to use this  I "SUKA" eat this Mee Ayam coz is really delicious... I never eat noodles like this type, This Is not Kolomee style or Soto, Lasak or Bakso.. Is totally a new dish for me!!! I don't know how to tell you the taste... It have some lemon smell and other Rampa in there. The taste are really unique. The 1st time you see it on your table the time sure you not gonna like it coz it really looks Oily.... is very very very Oily type.... You see already also Gali one!!!
But here are the Magic... after you have the 1st bite and you start can't stop eating it and you don't feel oily at all!!! Is true!!! The sauce/soup really special+steady one!!!

One of my maid she is come from Jawa Timur ( East Java ) and she told me this is their home town dishes and is very common there... every way also can find and she like to eat also!!!
I'm not a Indon Food's Lover (beside Indomee) I can say this is the best Indon and I like to eat now!!!
I really really strongly recommend this "MEE AYAM" at the Tanjung Nangka!!!
How I found this Mee Ayam? Thanks to one of my new friend from Tutong Town and he strongly recommend me must try this Mee Ayam. So today I ask Thanis Lim to join me for this Food Hunting.
Is not very hard to find.... all you have to do is just go straight after you have pass the Senkurong traffic lights.. After like 500/600 meter you can see the simpang 1626 on the right hand side there is a green wooden house on the road side and the magical mee ayam is inside waiting for you!!!

In case you still don't have the image of the place then you mind need this map I snapshot from the google earth

You actually can park your car next to the Mini Mart there and walk through the kitchen but this is their real front entrance. 

This is inside look.... So kampong style I kinda like it but if you at the afternoon of coz a bit hot lah... but don't worry they have plenty of Fans there to cool you down. 

But say true true one fans also not use one coz after you have try their sambal-belacan I guarantee you also sweats one lah!!! So if you don't like to be hot so try go there night time coz they open from 7am to mid-night 12am.  

Some of the menu I really never see before one.. like what is this "LELE Masak Lemak Chili Api"???

Their Ayam Penyet also famous and nice but I not introduce here coz I think Ayam Penyet are too common already. 

This is another thing we found very unique and special one... "BEBEK GORENG"- fried duck!!! 

I also like it... some part of the duck bones are actually can eat also coz they deep fried it until crispy!!!

I'm sure some of you never try and heard before yah!!!

Nice but too bad the portion size to small for me!!!

Some say their Tongseng and Mee Bakso also very nice... Maybe next time I'm gonna try this both!!!!

Thanis Lim busy taking the Mee Ayam Photo!! 

The Boss!!!

I strongly recommend her food here and also suggest you go try in day time for your 1st time there coz is more easy for you to find then next time just go in evening or night time coz not too hot lah! If you familiar with the area then is ok lah. I hear the lady boss she say in night time got more people to come here and eat her food and some time is very hard to find seat and car park too! 
Guys... I really like their food and I hope you like it also!!! If you don't believe I say.. see here!!!!!

Still Ok....? Not That Serious Yet????

This is the first time we cleanup the Muara Beach. I was 'Shock' when I see what I see there on the Beach. What I mean the beach is the sand part not the green grass part! All this is time I though that the beach has some department or section or contractor or company has maintaining and clean up one... Sekali I saw the beach is like 3 kilometer(or more) is full of rubbishes and logs... OMG I can't believe what I see man... I wandering where is this stuff come from.... why so many one!!! I remember my school time during the school holiday we always came to this beach and picnic here and on that time we can actually run on the sand and look up the skies nothing to worry except the jellyfish. But now you must look on the sand and beware get cuts on your feet.. I really can't walk on that beach with my naked feet there... Seriously that Muara Beach now is the worst beach I ever see in my life.
I though Jerudong and Tungku is the worst.... but now the Muara beach took away the trophy!!! 

 How bad is that beach now? Please look that the picture I took yesterday one. FYI those picture I took I swear to god I didn't do any editing. You see the picture is what I see there!!!
Is really really really really SAD to see it like that!!! I can't believe my childhood's Muara Beach has turn become like this!!! All this time we only cleanup the Tungku, Jerudong, Meragang and Serasa beach but never did here... I feel so sorry that I never CARE about this beach!!!
And I feel sorry to our next generation they can't have a nice and clean beach here. 

Seriously in my heart now I have tons and tons of things I what to say it out about this beach but it just I don't know how to put it into the sentences and words. 
I'm "Mad" because of still some people don't think this is a big deal...
I'm "Laugh" because I really saw people playing with rubbish on the beach...
I'm "UpSet" because I lost my memories here.....
and I'm "OK" because I believe there is have a little hope we can change our future!!!

Let the pictures talk!!!