How To "Theft Proof" Your iPhone

You Are Invited 

Type This At Google

Bruther.... introduce you this. Try it now is cool... I mean it really COLD!!! 
Go Google homepage and type Let it snow. You gonna like it.
Last time I show you how to play sing a song by using the Google homepage and time I can't show you...Go do yourself!!!

Cry For An E-Speed

I had no idea why this boy crying like that.. Just in front of me and is really loud... He maybe want some thing but not sure what.. Here is not the Toy'R'Us is the TelBru HQ. So impossible he want a toy here. The only thing I can think that he want a E-Speed to like I am.
But I want try him to want E-Speed. Cry for 3 days 3 night my mom also don't layang me!!
Boy always like that one... if want some thing but can't get it, the only way to get it is to CRY...
Cry as loud as you can, more ugly more better, hoping that your dad and mom soften their heart and get you what you want. But of coz this "Magic Words" doesn't works every time. Sure you got to face when the word say "NO" to you.

After I want recording this video and play for few times it remind me a youtube video about cantonese old auntie missed her flight at the Hong Kong international airport few years ago. Same thing.. she cry like die father die mother like that... rolling on the floor... jumping up and kana Gila Bayi one. Cry so hard last last and the end also cannot take the flight coz the plane already fly up up and away...
See.. malu kan!!! Human are really funny, childhood stuff sampai old still want to use at Old!!!
Is ok that you don't understand what the auntie say in the video... Just repeat and imagine she say this in the video...
Aiya....... The plane gone already ah....Ah.....woa....(cry) I don't want ah....... the plane gone already lah... (cry)...woa....ah..ah.. the Plane gone already lah!!!!!!

Are We Ready This For Our Future?

Don't know what is this kah.... Is not an RCA cable for your DVD player lah.... this is a Fiber Optic Bruther!! And this Fiber Optic had invented many years ago. So fast I only see Empire Hotel is using it some of their building. 
I'm so tired now... not that because I not enough sleep is I'm tired that my Broadband are getting slow, especially every night after 12am. Don't know why the speed down very much. I don't get it... mid night suppose not much people using internet and the speed should be more faster than day time right. And the hell is going wrong day time slow, mid night lagi slower!!!

This few days I already thinking to migrate my Broadband to E-Speed after I saw their promotion and it end at the 2nd Jan 2012, should I change or not ha??? I asking and searching everyone and look for the solution in FB. Some show me how good is it but still few say not good, lagi worst one is one guys stay same-same kampong with me and he say our area not good for that.
Aiyo... I heard that tarus no mood.... Like this cannot... like that salah... what should I do Oh!!!!
Is it I have to wait until one day we had the Fiber Optic in each of our house then the internet speed baru tah enough cukup fast fast like a bullet eh??

If one day Telbru say can trade in other broadband to them and get free for the starter pack of E-Speed I think I no doubt sure go for a try!!! Seen already everything is slow but I think I still choose for the "Fasters Slow" one of all 3!!!!

Bye Bye AB, Hello AB

25 days 25 stage all 3 stars!!! now I boring no AB to play with liao. 
But now I found out one game some this similar with the Angry Birds too. Is call Amazing Breaker.
So not bye bye Angry Birds and hello Amazing Breaker. 
Not bad also this new AB. Read the review and comments most of the people say is must better that ABirds. I found this is game also interesting with the shooting. Need some skill and strategy with it. If you like to play the bird AB and I'm sure that you also might like to play this AB too!!!
Some say is better that angry bird but I'm not really agree with that lo. Both also got their own fun.
Try the free version one first before but the full version but anyway I'm sure you like it too.


Renewing License

Luckily I got check my driving license and is already expire for few day ago. Lucky I didn't kana road block for the pass few day. I hear and see a lot people say and post in FB, twitter that say eveyway seen like also got road block. I am lucky... maybe that is the Christmas present from Santa which I be a good boy for the whole year.
Bruther... have you checked your driving license already? Don't play play ah... later kana saman baru you tau! Some how this day got many road block sudah.

Some people say that is because of the Bonus are coming out soon so that's why got many road block and everyone got money to pay the fine.
I say this is bullshit and nonsense, totally there is nothing to do with that. If you and your car are fine why you have to worry about the fine?
Only for those people with no valid license, potong string, over size wheel, not approved bodykit by land transport, illegal modified car, people to always speeding etc... are worrying!!!
Impossible the police gonna ask you after you open your window "You ada Bonus sudah kah??? Nah Saman.... Bah baya lima puluh riggit dapan sama!!!"
Isn't that stupid??? 
I was arguing this issue just not with my friend in the car and I think that he is kinda stubborn.
He insist that road block thing is because of the Bonus.... Ok whatever!!! What can I say... he still my friend!!!    

It Remind Me That....

Saw this headline yesterday on BB and I wondering this that because of the Bus accident at Sabah last week. When I was reading this paper all of sudden it remind me back to many years ago a bus accident ever happen at Sungai Akar there. 
Anyone of you still remember that??? A beautiful japanese girl die was die the spot. I still remember that story cause during that time me every day have to pass by that road sending my ex-girlfriend home.
The accident was happen at the Sungai Akar roundabout, dulu that area still don't have roundabout it a cross junction. That time the Bus driver was run on the red light and is really fast... tiba-tiba a car from green light one come out from otherside... bla bla bla... accidents... bing bing bang here fly there... last last I remember the peper also got show that Japanese girl photo on the paper..
Seriously that japanese girl look pretty you know... aiyo kasian lah so beautiful die so early. 
Last last tapau balik Japan lah... Kasian banar!!!
(click HERE and THIS to view the report)

I see a lot bus accident news reported in tv especially in Taiwan news channel(astro 317) One year bila-bila got few case like that. In India..atu lagi not need to say one lah...
But actually those accident I think it still can prevent one.. it just that the passenger dare or not dare to walk to the front and tell that Michael Schumacher Bus Driver tell him to slow down the speed. Dare dare tell him that 
"Drive so fast for what.... You want to die you go die alone.... don't bring us to follow you"  
I'm sure the bus driver sure slow down one, if still refuse to do so. Sue him that he try to Murder you all everyone in the bus!!!
Ah... see still want to play play drive fast fast or not lagi lah!!!

Christmas Dinner.... Got Turkey!!!

Wonderful+Reallyfull dinner I had last night! Eat until I had to open my pants button. Thanks for the dinner Bruther and you Turkey really awesome. 
Normally I have Christmas dinner with my old gang coz one of it are celebrate her birthday during X'mas eve every year. Sorry this year I can't attend coz I have 3 places to attend but too bad I only can go one place. Is not that I don't want to join them.. is because there is too many places got road block and I don't want to get into trouble. I just notice that my driving license just expire 3 days ago! I have to wait until tuesday baru can go land transport to renew a new one. Making one year one also same thing like making 3 years one license.. still always forgot to renew before expire.
Anyway... back to the Christmas dinner... we had presents exchange to each our by picking number. I got a big box full of colors pencil, ruler, sharpener etc... that's all for my anak one!
About the Turkey... of coz we can't finish lah.. lucky is just 8 kilo.. if 12 kilo one I think my bruther have to eat it until next year kali!
This is not finish yet.... Tomorrow afternoon I still have one more Chirstmas Lunch to go! Hopefully no more Turkey again!!!!

My Got A Ratatouille On Christmas Day

Not sure this Tikus know how to cook for me or not oh... But I'm sure this mouse is clever enough! I remember I did close the cover properly before I leave. Then today I went to feed again my niece's dog and I saw this Ratatouille in the the container enjoying the dog food. Maybe this time he had too much of the food and couldn't jump out again. I'm sure this mouse had came here for some time sudah. He is smart, know how to open the cover and go in eat the food. But he didn't realize that the food slowly doing down day by day... and this time he couldn't come out again and stuck inside the container. 
I feel bad that I kill and small animal at the Christmas Day. Although I like to watch the Ratatouille cartoon movie but this mouse still have to die.
Killing a mouse is not that hard, all you have to do is put then under that sun for sunbathing. If the sun is up high high in the sky middle of the day hot hot one.... wh that one nyman loh... just expose him for 30 minutes sure you see him die one. Mouse actually cannot under the sun for long one... They get dehydrated easily!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Mickey!!!!

Kilat Gao-Gao

Siok right... see my car so Kilat... and this is not normal kilat bruther... Is Crystal Mirror Kilat Gao Gao... Don't play play I spent the whole day to do this. Cuci luar-dalam, Waxing head to toe, front and back, left to right Twice!!! I started it from this morning 9:30am until 5:30pm. 8 hours slowing and enjoying to wash and waxing.  And nowI really Jialat with my arms and kakis... My back tired like hell man!!!
But once look at what I did you my car everything also worth it now!!!
Hopefully tonight or this few days no raining lah.. If not sayang that cannot go out and show off of my Kilat on the road!!!! hahaha

Yes, No, Maybe or No Comment

I'm sure many for you had read or hear about the bus accident at Sabah one right! News, Media, FB, Twitter mana-mana also people talk about it..
I also malass to talk about this issue, So let's do it something different here in my blog.
Just want to ask a simple question to all of you and you can click the answer on your right hand side of the screen. Let's see what are the people think about it!!!
If you don't know what is it all about please see here first.
Do you think if the bus driver drive just a little bit slow would that accident happen and take away 6 life?

Click "Dislike"

Kanasai one.... I never see celebrity got this Thick Face one. Check out this video the Youtube Rewind 2011. Is host by Rebecca Black. I sure you click the "Dislike" after you finish watching the video.
I'm the number 10851 person who click "Dislike" and is rising up every second and minute!
From the top 10 to number 2 you still can accept.. sekali you see the number 1 video in Youtube sure you not  gonna like it one!!!

Suka-Suka Hati Di Jalanraya

One day 2 times I almost get into an accident. After from we finish makan the frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti on my way back home. Luckily I'm always Berhati-hati Di Jalanraya and must keep distance with the front car!!! If not sure I kana in the accident one!!! My wife and daughter also in the car if kana accident car rosak never mind.... yang penting is they both are safe.
I really hate some people driving car like that one... Come out or stop the car as they like... as it the road only they are the one who use it saja!!!
To all my Bruther.... you people better also drive carefully and always keep distance with in front the car  too!
This is one the first part of the video.... The black Toyota Vios on the right just suddenly come out without warning. Luckily I manage to slow down and let the Blue Mazda 6 cut in to my lane..... if not sure accident one.
The second part video is the black Toyota Innova suddenly slow down and stop in front the traffic lights which is still Green!!! Lucky no car behind me if not sure kiss my ass and I kiss the front car ass!!!
Hey.... think about that people car sometime also got babies, family and the love one.... Because of your careless it might take away people's life..... You Know!!!!
Think, Before It's Too Late!!!!

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Have you try this Tutti Frutti at the Cities Square ground floor and it just opened few days ago. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is an international soft serve frozen yogurt brand of Well Spring . It provides no sugar added mixes, smoothie base mixes.
At the moment they have serve eight different flavors and more flavors coming soon too. I like the concept of how you want your frozen yogurt it to be.... and is call 
"Do You Froyo?"
Step 1) Select Cup Size. 
Step 2) Dispense and mix frozen Yogurt. 
Step 3)Pick favorite toppings Step
 4) Weight and Pay, 
And is only cost B$3.50 per 100 grams. FYI is all done by yourself. So if you want all 8 flavors in one cup also can... no body can stop you one!!!

I had try it yesterday with my wife and daughter. We like it very much and especially my daughter.
I kinda like the sour flavors one like their Original yogurt, Berry and yam. My wife prefer the coffee one! Sweet and Sour both also not bad, it just that what you had add for the toppings lah. I suggest Sweet yogurt one put dry topping and Sour one put wet toppings. 
Remember you can try/testing it first(is free) before you decide which one you like to have!!!!

Red cup is suitable for a small family, and the green cup suitable for couple or BFF!!!   

Yes I'm Froyo already!!!!

If they can serve ice-cream cone lagi best! So I can make long long and high high by myself!!!

Testing testing 1-2-3.......4-5-6-7-8!!!!

I didn't know that there is so many benefits for that!!!

My baby like it very much!!!

Low Fuel Tank

Is it only me got this habit? 
I wondering someone out there also got like that too or not oh.....!
This is my bad habit, like to drive the car until the fuel indicator light up or drive until the fuel meter almost touch the E.
I have this habit for some years already. I don't know why I like that not only for my car but also for my scooter too! 
I had heard from many people said that drive until the fuel tank almost empty are not good for the car, it will damage the engine..... The reason is because they say that the fuel tank are dirty on the bottom of the tank. And every time when we fill up the fuel with empty tank it will mix up the dirty rusty stuff in the fuel and and dirty stuff are going in the engine and that's how it damage it!

Of coz I don't believe all this myth.... this is all bull shit and doesn't make sense to me.
There is one thing are call "Fuel Filter" in between the fuel tank and engine. That fuel filter are protecting our car engine lah... so not need to worries one! Some how the fuel tank now are made by not rusty material one... 

Now let me tell you why I like to drive until low fuel tank baru go buy fuel. Only one reason why I like to do that... I want it to be "Light Weight" with my car! Once is light weight with the car it can save fuel, save money, longer life spend with the tyre, suspension and breakpad and one more thing it can also run faster than a full tank fuel.
Ya.... you can say that I'm a freak, and all this "Light weight" idea doesn't working much with that... maybe it just save a little money, fuel, tyre etc just about 3 to 5% only. So what.... this is me, my life style memang cali one...
But don't forget..... The best thing I run my car with low fuel tank which is good that for preventing the car to be stolen. Who want to curi your with low fuel one.... drive your car sampai Kuala Lurah or Sungai Tujuh you think they not stop in the middle of the road kan? If they tamba minyak at Shell station you think the CCTV cannot see their face ka!!! See there is so many advantage that my car with low fuel right!!!! heheheh Don't play play ah!!!!

iTunes Brunei

Since when we have our flag in the iTunes? I only know that few months ago someone share a picture in Apple's website our Brunei flag are not correct. Our Brunei flag in the center became a red dot, it looks like that Apple in the flag! Funny ya..... I think I should write a email to Apple about this issue.
The other thing is we now actually can register out iTunes under Brunei account but one thing not good is not much things to buy. Cannot buy song and movie. The apps also like not much in there too, We have to search it by ourself most of the apps in there, not like US one.. they tell you what's hot and new!
And some how have to use credit card to buy the apps. No iTunes card available, so if a kids want to buy apps how???? Still have to use their parents credit card lah right? Lauya one like that!!!  

Beach Bunch Sunday Picnic

Long time no go for picnic already... and last Sunday joining the Beach Bunch's member year end BBQ at Tungku Beach. Thing that we have to bring our own is your own plate, cup/glasses, spoon, fork and napkins!! Cool right like that... the reason is because we want to reduce of using plastic cup, plate etc and also doing this way can less littering the beach.... isn't that great.. Having a nice picnic with friends and families and at the same time also keep the beach clean and enjoyable!

Of coz you only nice and clean beach picture here... the actual scene is the place we picnic is full of rubbishes and plastic bottles. Thanks to my friend's wife clean it up for us before we start having a nice BBQ.  Can't wait to have another picnic with them but hoping that next time is really enjoy the beach in stead of cleaning it up!!!

I bring my favorite glasses to the picnic! The Mcdonald collection Coca-Cola glasses with filled Rinbina....yeah!!!

Apple Lighter

I got another Apple's gadget but this time is not from Apple punya!!!
Is a after market Apple's lighter! Is a gift from my brother bought it from Thailand. Sure soon or later this  lighter we can see selling here shop or Mamak store!!!

Losing A Young

Not really happy for last week coz our family losing a young Lim member at last Friday. One of the brother's 2 years old boy had pass away at Ripas. So that is also only of the reason why I didn't post new thing in my blog this few day. 
I'm feel so sorry to my brother and his wife hopefully they both can heal it back their heart and start a new life without their son. Life still have to goes on....Be Strong!!!
Eason Lim you'll always in our heart!!! Rest In Peace!

Yeah..... Let's Vroom Vroom At Hospital!!!!

Cool..... steady man..... This is my first time I see Bikers convoy sampai ke Ripas early in the morning. 
Three bikers riding their awesome cool and loud black bikes slowly entering to the General Hospital and stopped at the front main entrance which is where the Inpatients take rest.
The whole hospital can hear them coming in.... cool!!! 
I had no idea why and what they doing here... maybe visiting their biker friend who had in bike accident...maybe!!!! But I guarantee sure is not coming here to buy Nasi Katok!!!

Branded Recycle Bag

I don't get it, Why it call recycle bag but not grocery bag? Somehow the recycle bag is not make from a recycle material, it just that the bag is been using repeatedly every time when we doing our grocery saja!!! I think it called Grocery Bag is much more suitable.
Anyway Recycle Bag or Grocery Bag ka.... The most important is the message give to the community having a less usage of plastic bag saja lah. Like yesterday wasn't a weekend but I also brought my own bags to do my grocery at Maggis Mall with my wife. The good things is I'm not the only one who do that, some other people also having this good habit and doing the same thing. 
Then after that I got a question after we reached home and I ask my wife.
Does she feel Gambang if she using the "recycle bag" are special and unique than other people one?
Yes she does and me too! Why suddenly I have this kind of feeling? I thought that only woman have this show off Hang Bag habit, I can't believe that now I also have like but in the recycle bag!
I feel like I want to looking for the bag that is Branded and Famous one!
Frankly speaking I don't felt jealous that the guy here his bag is cool and bigger that my and some how is from oversea one and all the same. My is mix and match recycle bag that given by those company and shop and is free... all made by Aewon it was so not cool that all.
Omg... can't believe that use Recycle Bag also want to look for style milo no wander women are so cinta bags lah...
If one day I see LV's type recycle bag I'm sure I going to get one whole set. By the time you see me using that shop at HuaHo and Supasave... wah hahaha... I'm the King of
 Gaya, Mutul, Keunggulan!!!

China "Car" Handphone

Some China man came to the Limbang border selling goods, gadget, pirate dvd. Here are one of the Car Phone he sell and I found interesting but too bad too expensive cost $148.00.
Out side look like a car, inside look like a Motorola V3. Got LED flashing some more.... and the volume are really loud. I prefer see people using this kind of phone instead of those fake iphone, Nokia or smartphone.  

My Future Plan For Next 20 YEARS

She Is 2 And Ask A lot Now

She learning how to eat with chopstick now.

For the pass two year I don't see what the hard to rise her up but recently she had change a lot...
Not that she had "Learn" and "Talk" a lot but also "Asking" really a lot too!
When every time she heard we talking, arguing or gossiping in the car, home, kitchen or room. Once she heard in she'll come to you and ask....
"What Oh...'' What's wrong Oh...." Why Oh....." Why Like That Oh..."
 At first I still found happy to explain everything to her and let her know everything she have to know but slowly slowly I found that she making annoying to me and my wife. 
"Papa... what you do oh??" I"m watching Youtube lah!!!" then she ask me again...."Why Oh"
You tell me how am I suppose to answer her back? 
I guess now is because she curious about everything what we adult people do and wondering why. 
I couldn't just make up a story or a not true fact to answer she back. I can't just like the older people telling us "Do not point at the moon..... later your ears will fall down" like that or when we ask some question that they malas to answer us the question sure their answer is " Wait until you big already then you'll know one lah"

I see that my this daughter in future got a little bit like me... must know the truth till deep deep into the bottom one. Hopefully one day she don't ask me "Chicken first one kah.. or the Egg come first?"
By the time I guess I also have to follow the old people foot step say....
"Wait one day you big already then you'll know''

Old Go New Come

Again my house another car is time to have change a new pair of tyre. Actually it still can use for some more miles one but think about it twice I decided to change it better lah.... don't play play this few days the weather like always rain in the night time. Lagi  pun today pass by the Kiarong highway saw a car accident sampai the car turn over and lay on the road side and causing heavy traffic jam, lucky no die if not going to be the No: 41 after the 18 year old boy at Airport highway.

Seriously one lah... tyre this kind of thing really better don't play play. I don't mean that no money also have to buy expensive type of tyre for you car one but at least must buy a good one with got tracks tyre not that kind of 2nd Hand used tyre lah...
Think about it, it just few 10 dollars different but why still got people risk for their life for the untrusted wheels?? A life is not worth for a 40-50 dollars cheap second hand tyre Ok!!!! 

I don't dare to put my family's life on that kind of condition. I always want them to be safe and comfort.
Although this tyre I bought cost one hundred and seventy plus but I still think is worth it.

One Year One Time II

Yes..... My own traditional festival has arrived. Me one year must eat one time before Chinese New Year the McDonalds Prosperity Burger. I always call it "Fatt Cai Burger/發財漢堡包"
Now you to their outlet to order this liao.... I know I got few friends also like me one.... Must have at least one of this before the CNY. 
Last year I bought it at Miri see here now look back the time it really fly fast like nothing.
So think about it eating this P.Burger do I got prosperity at the whole year? Yes I am... I got a second wonderful+beautiful+healthy daughter this year and this is more than enough for me.
My "Prosperity" wish very simple one.... I just wish every thing go smooth and steady, No macam-macam thing to come kacau, Go Safe and Happy Simply Life then is enough for me!

Boon Pang Cinema

Bruther...... Check this out!!! Guess where is this!!! If you are 80's afters baby might a bit hard for you to know lah where la but for the before 80's babies sure know where is it!!!
This is at the Bandar where before the IBB bank was build. Boon Pang cinema was one of the major cinema at Bandar if I wasn't wrong that is the first cinema was build during that time. I don't know is it true or not lah coz I was heard from my kampong air's friends. I had heard a lot good stories in this Boon Pang from my Kg.Air friend how they having fun here. Fyi I never watch movie in this cinema coz mostly my time watching movie in cinema is at the Batu Satu Seri Complex there (which is also taken down) One of the famous thing in this Boon Pang is the Ice Cendol at 1st floor cafe. I never try but my friends always say that here the cendol is nice.
During my primary school time when my mother pick me from the school we always passing by here. I always wondering what are the black and red zigzag thing is mean what words! Until now I look back again still don't get it what does it mean!
One thing I like this place about Boon Pang is not the cinema....... Is the Pasar Malam behind the building. Yeah...... that's right.... I really like to go there with my mother and grandmother one!!!!
Every time when my grandmother want to buy fruits for praying she always came here and buy. So my mother have to drive her here and I always follow.
I still remember how the stall there look likes. The stalls are line up like a figure 7. That time their lights was not using generator to start up the lamp or fluorescent light like now, They are using the kerosene pressure lantern like THIS. Me and my sister always like to go there and buy the "Kacang Putih" and there is one stall selling the mini eggs, century egg in satay stick, in between the eggs got cucumber...
mmmmm..... if still have that I'm sure I want to eat until I puas puas.

How I Use iPhone To Take Last Night Moon

Moon moon moon.... you see moon I see moon everyone see the moon last night.
Friends call up to bring camera and shoot for the moon but I too malas so. I just use my iphone to do so as the picture below. Who do I do that see the video below!!!