You Do, I Do

See.... this is how lah if you walk walk not see see sure hit on the table one!!!

Better watch out while you doing messaging during walking. I slammed  on one of the table here when I went to looking for my friend in his shop. I really never expected there is so many table one the walk way. It was so hurt and lucky I was 5.7 feet tall if not sure kana my little brother!!! I tot those table only place during the night time but why now day time already started! I think it should taking some action if not some day I don't know where are the shopper should walk liao!

I understand that people want to do business here but still have to think other user also. Don't just see people put table then you also want to follow!!!!!
Some how now already banned smoking on every public area so why still want to set table outside the restaurant again. Please consent about this issue!!!