Telamba Home Stay

I do not want to make a full coverage until one day I really stay here for a night. I definitely want to stay a night here with Abd.Hadzid's Telamba Home Stay. This place is awesome man.... Nice family and the wonderful view of the Telamba River, it just next to the house.
Abd Hadzid not only provide the home stay service but also other activities too like Jungle Trekking, Boating, Crabbing or Fishing. For more information about Telamba Home Stay you can visit here. Price, location everything is in there but too bad not much picture. Same thing here I don't have much picture to show you also but I can say this place it awesome. 
Of coz for me I think this place for the Malay friends is not thing but for a Western or other foreigner  people want to experience a local life of coz this is something; and that's is why I saw a lot of tourists and backpackers pictures hang on the wall during the time their stay here. Ok that's it I tell you a little bit here and next time I show you again after I stay there one night lah!!!