Sumbui -Sumbui a.k.a Pitcher plant, this is one of my favorite plant. Every time I saw this sure slow down my foot step and take a look for a while. There is a lot of different type, shape, size and colour you can actually find one Brunei. Not need to go deep deep inside the jungle just go the Tasik Lama on the way go up the lake there just look at the hill beside the road and you can see a lot liao.
The bigger size can up to like my palm and smallest one can be smaller than my finger tips.
I always want to get some of this bring back home to grow and hope that she can eat all the flies and mosquitos coz I really hate that.
I personally think that the Tasik Lama are much better to go than the Bukit Shabandar. I am person who like to walk slow slow and see see look look one, so compare this two recreation park I still like Tasik Lama. Why it was good??? Because it have a same initial short cut name like my
TL = Tiger Lim
TL = Tasik Lama

Here are some other picture I took at the Tasik Lama. I especially like the last one picture the message/slogan of keeping the places clean. I give 10/10 to the person who think out of this.