Special Service Delivery

I never see this kind of service in any restaurant. This is really really unique and I spotted at the Jerudong there. I saw this waitress very steady one... very automatic pull out the chair and sit down in front the customer and place her order!!!  And I don't think they know each other or their both are friend coz I don't see they both talking much and also after the waitress taking her order I also don't see they both talking. It just quite very funny and strange service provide by the waitress.....
I never see got like this one... even I am some cafe or restaurant's regular customer...still never ever any one of waitress/waiter dare to do like this. Sit down in front the customer and taking their order!!!
This is one and only!!!!!
Oi...boss where are you? Shop not need to jaga lah and harap your staff like this..... This is how man staff snake snake you also don't know!!! Die lah like that!!!
Here are the combo pictures. As you can see after she taking the order she stand up, collect back the menu, push back the chair and walk away...... Salute..... like that also can. I wander where did she learn the F&B skill from?????