Secret Affair

Is good that you can stand high high from above and look down of people at below. If your observation are good enough then sure you can see lot of different story from people back!
As old people said " No Winds Where Got Waves" which is mean that  No Story then Where got Gossip! Of coz there must have something there already then people started to talk here talk there one ma...

Anyway on that event one of my friend told me that the mAn was the lady's scandals. At first I don't believe coz I know that lady for quite some years and she was married and have 'some' lovely children now... I know her style she won do that but too bad after the show I saw her waiting for that man behind a corner and hug+kissing each other faces. I was wrong....... how I wish that I never saw that scene with my own eyes.

i told myself they both are good friend and Just a using a normal western style greeting to greet each other..... but after awhile once again i was wrong coz another man just came from other country also told me that their both are un-normal. he also can see and sense that both of them got lobang already then he started to story me of what he see and the lady told him bla bla bla in my car..... can tell me we are wrong? can you tell me what i see is wrong? can you tell me what my 1st friend tell me is wrong? I think this is the real winds and got the real story.

Anyway i know this is none of my business and is way beyond our control... doesn't matter what behind of my friend and her husband story is, having an affair is not the best way to solve the marriage or relationship. It will getting worst only and the Children always get suffering, both of you can choose to have another life time partner again but not for the children to choose having the same parets of they love and use to have! waluapun that guy is charming and have a best post in the town but yet I don't think is worth to try with him. I hope that we are wrong with our bare of eyes but too bad both of your"Body Languish" has betrayed you.