People Mountain People Sea(Many People)

Ho..Ho...Ho... Merry Christmas!!! 
Wahh..... you see many people or not? So clouded man.... I know today is weekend and sure many people come here to take picture but I didn't expected this much of people lah, Walk also got problem already and don't say taking picture lah!!!
This year is my 1st time come here to campur-campur people and taking picture also. First of all is because I had become a father already so I guess this is some kind of the Quality Time with Family. secondly is my camera lah so come here and learn some thing lah. If not because this two thing beat me die I also don't come one. Even the CNY or Hari Raya one I also never step here before so I actually don't know is it every year like that clouded one or not only today. I took a lot of nice photo with my D90 tonight and I think next year I want to do it again.
The decoration on the hill one are awesome but I don't dare to go up there and take picture with my family. Because I see  many people none stop rushing going up and  
it looks like overloaded. I'm so worry the props can't take the weight and fall.... I see a lot of this kind of video in YT so I always keep the safety stuff in my mind. But think about it what if one day this thing it happen(touch wood) and collapse because of no controlling the public going up? I think it should have some people there to monitor. Not only just the people but also the traffic too. Car and people there are using the same road now.... so dangerous man!!! Accident this kind of things never guaranty one, Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone!!!
Better have do than no do do it before "No Happy New Year!!!!"