Peanut vs Pro

After I had bought the camera since last two week until today I been busy to learn how to using it and practice how to take a nice picture. I go around and ask people and friends how to gain the skill to become a photographer, I even drive all the way to Tutong and look for Han asking for advise.
Surf more then 10 hour in the net looking info of the lens, filter so and so......
That is beyond my imagine of a photographer is not that easy as I think and I was surprise that there is so many things have to learn and know in a single picture. Light, Speed, Angle, Color, Weather, Temperature, Occasion, Object........... So many thing have to know man. And some how not just only know how to take picture and also must know the behavior and attitude of taking care the camera and Lens.... OMG that is really so not easy you know!  

Actually today I'm not trying to show off my work here but I want to tell and share with you people here there is some people out there in Brunei are really really good in photograph especially like one of my friend  here. He don't want me to mention his name in my blog coz he feel so malu. I can tell you that he is really PRO..... not the "Local Pro" but "International Pro". I can say that the picture he took it just like the National Geographic picture used in the magazine one.... He told me that ever some US magazine asking his permission to use the picture that he took for their book. It so unbelievable we have this kind of steady people here but yet diam diam hiding some where in the corner of Brunei. 
But guess what he is not a full time photographer and now just jaga his family shop and he don't know how not good in taking picture ON LAND. Yes..... he is a Underwater Photographer. I saw his gears that use for taking picture underwater and I can said total it up can you buy a car ( not a proton kancil ok)
I checked the casing that he used for the camera and it cost 3 time expensive than the camera's body.

I really never think of that a hobby of taking picture can be that expensive man.... For a Sea use camera  already can cost that amount how about for a Space use? Does it have to cost a hundred thousand dollars? Of coz not need.... just a normal camera already can take picture from the space coz there don't have water and pressure so not need to be worries some people told me want la.....
Anyway I don't think I want to be like that crazy about photograph just give me sometime and I think I can be a "Peanut Pro" is enough already

Here are some picture I took past few day..... Not so good and need more skill and technic to learn

Ok now let's look at the Pro how he do in underwater.... Is really amazing of his Masterpiece.
Here are some more picture to view in his Flickr. Remember to ask permission from him and don't just take people's credit Ok!!! I got ask him one Ok..DPP!!!