One For The Beach Too

I known it sound crazy to have this sign on the Beach. Beach is means to have fun and joy. People like to have BBQ on the beach than in the jungles but too bad the "Beach Cultural" here wasn't that good enough.
I see a lot of people here like to go beaches to spend their weekend or holiday together with ether their friends or family. Which is good... I like to see that too and I love it also. But too bad SOME people like to use the places but don't like to taking care of what we have. I seen a lot of people always left their belonging on the beach, not the pillow or camp, not the photo or camera but RUBBISH all over the place.
I know maybe is not all the people like that but just need 2/50 families did that on the beach every weekend is enough to make it worse. That is why the Serasa, Tungku and Jerudong beach are so sad to see those plastic bottle/bag rubbishes lying on the beach or stuck  between the rock.
I personal think that is good to put a sign to telling people to bring back their waste stuff instate of "HARAP" other  people to clean for them.

Like this morning I went to the Tasik Lama to learn some camera shooting skill and I notice that now the place are not allow people to bring foods into the park. Which is mean that " No Food Party", "No Picnic and BBQ"? I don't know what's the reason.... maybe is because of keeping the park clean??? Or Maybe they realize that people always left the rubbish in the park and "HARAP" other people to clean for them??? Or maybe is because is Safety purpose don't let the monkeys come to attack you for the food???
I don't know lah... but anyway I think the Park doing the right Job and I hope one day people can consent about the beaches in Brunei too!!! Please don't let this sign board place on our Beaches one day!!! So PEOPLE.... Please keep the Beaches Clean, For Our Future, For Our Brunei!!!