No X'Mas Mood

I don't know...It just that we don't feel have a Christmas mood here. It was like an ordinary dinner that we have. I went to join my friend for the Christmas dinner at the Ex-Sheraton Hotel and also in conjunction with my buddy's wife birthday too. I don't know and what the reason it just something not right!
I don't feel that there is any Christmas emotion happen there. Just feel like come here and Eat only, I see you, you see me, No Christmas music, No Turkey, No Santa, Not much deco..... The worst thing is No Christmas greeting from the staff... No smoking allow at any corner,  bouncer came to warning my friends and I don't understand why have to called the bouncer so like very serious hahaha ah that is funny!!!
 But one thing I like is their oysters still maintain the same standard, although is not grade A oysters but still is fresh. I like it!! The rest of the food just average loh... can eat la not bad also!!! But I can't say it was a Christmas Eve Dinner, it just an ordinary daily buffet. $40.00 dollars per head....... I don't think is worth it coz I don't think this is a Christmas Eve Dinner. Coz this special day must have something special thing to impress the guest. 8 of us very disappointed tonight especially the Birthday Girl. 

Tips to have fun and enjoy your Christmas dinner:
 Looking for those restaurant/outlet that their waiter/waitress is not celebrating Christmas holiday in their life. Otherwise maybe you gonna see those unhappy faces to serving you!!!