New Lens For My D90

At first I don't believe but now I cannot say NO already. 
The second day when I bought this D90 the time and I bring it to the beach then one of my friend which he is a photographer that he said to me "Welcome to the join our world and play the most expensive gadget/toys and soon I'm gonna spend some money to buying lens for it" 
I told him I won't coz I think I already got what I needed (I Think)
But too bad my words can't even last for 2 weeks and it's already break. Yesterday i went to buy a new lens, is a 50mm lens loh! No expensive la just $180.00 only and is worth to have this lens. I'm not very good with this market so I not sure how much it actually cost in this DSLR industry, I think maybe some where out there got more cheaper and better one. Is Ok one la... some time we just need to pay school fees for learning new things.
Right now I got 4 difference lens in my bag already and I think maybe I'm gonna get a Micro Lens again. Oh man..... this hobby really make our wallet leaking. Walaupun this is fun but still cost a lot of money to play with and must have a good financial background. I cannot continue like that liao man, must control control if not died early man!!! 

This 50mm lens are so awesome.... I never feel so easy that way to take a nice and sharp Portrait  picture one. I though that the 18-135mm are already good enough for me but sekali I try this lens now then I know different lens got different use for the camera. No wonder so many people kana trap inside of this hobby lah. Luckily now we are in digital generation so  not need to worry the shooting... good also click..not good also can click. If still using the film one I think I wash the film also don't know where the film wash until where already. Especially like me this kind of Kacang Putih plus Sayur one..... I think my film can long until around the world one time baru then I know how to use this kind of camera. Once again thanks to Digital world.............. But still Analog never die!!!!

here are some of the picture I took using the 50mm lens.