New Branch

I was invited to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf official Grand Opening today at the Times Square Shopping Center. Alright..... this is good coz I can really try on the Fisheye lens which I borrow from my friend. This lens is awesome... any angle in front of me almost everything go in my camera. Good for fun and also for building picture(so far)
The crowd turn out good, got VVIP, VIP. Local Celebrity, and NVIP( Not Very Important Person) eg Me!!! 
I was busy to try with the lens and last last I forget to try their foods and drink T.T no wonder I feel so hungry lah after I left!

I'll Keep My Eye On You Dude!!!!

Let's Rock!!!!

Nice Watch but Bad Date Bro.... today is 18th not 8!!!!

Is that Sheila Majid? 
No......... is Emma Good Egg

Rano and the gang....

No we are not related...

Geek In White White T-Shirt today!!!

That is my sign.....