Money or Cultural

I know we can't have two thing in the same time as what people say "You Gain Some, You Lost Some" which is true it just like our Chinese Restaurant here as you can see more and more waiter and waitress are hire either from Philippine or Indonesia to working here but our Chinese restaurant cultural stuff are losing.....  I understand that this days are hard to hire chinese to work in the restaurant unless you are a chef. Not that this people are not good but it just that I notice I'm getting hard to order food from them due to the communication. I can use English to talk with the Philippino or use Bahasa Melayu to order food from the Indon but it just that the FEELING wasn't right you know.
Example I want to want to order (排骨王飯/Pan Gu Wang Fan) but now because I have to suit them and have to tell them say "Sweet and Sour Porkchop Rice" Order food with the Philippino yet wasn't hard but to the Indon lagi mati man... I feel cali if order Chinese food with Bahasa Melayu.....why? because I going to tell them " Saya mau makan Nasi Babi Masak Manis dan Masam" sounded weird right? Coz you don't order pork with say in malay.... Sound un-respected!!!
(Fyi most of the Indon Chinese waitress here are don't know how to speak Chinese and English)

I don't know lah.... I just don't feel that the cultural of Chinese restaurant wasn't there anymore. Not like last time just order want I feel like to eat. Now order chinese food also have to think how to translate into english or malay for uncomfortable liao and that's is why last last I just tell them I want to eat Kolomee, Fried Mee or Kuih Tiao and it makes them always think that we only like  to eat those dishes. Susah...susah....
Just like last fews days ago I went to eat Chicken Rice at Kiulap (you know which one liao lah)
Me like normal lah... just sit down and tell the waitress I want "雞胸飯/Ji Xiong Fan" but it took me for a minute and re-order my food again. I want "Chicken Breast Rice"...... lucky I'm not need to use in  malay to order with her if not I'm gonna say " Saya Mau Makan Nasi Ayam Susu"
Ya..... see....... do you see what I mean here... Is getting hard for us now you know. A chinese have to use English or Malay to order Chinese foods" This is not right for us and is so hard! I really wondering how does the chef feel it he see the ordering " Nasi Ayam Susu" lol