Lated Better Than Nothing

Yes this is a very lated photo I receive.  Actually I suppose wanted post in my blog at March/April but delay until now I baru tah post coz due the my Stargazer friend busy busy until now baru remember email to me. 
Looking for a same hobby friends actually is very easy like photo shooting, football, snooker or car racing. But if like talking about Stargazing this kind of hobby I can say is really really rare in Brunei!
Some how our equipment is not easy to buy here and must go outside and buy or order online. Lagi pun is not cheap lah!!! Not everyday can use must depends the weather good or not. Some how got season again....
Banyak macam-macam one lah this hobby..... but anyway this is fun; among all my hobby(beside playing with my baby) I can say this is most beautiful hobby I have. 
I can't tell you how beautiful is it coz I don't know how to use the words/sentences to describe the feeling. But when your eye look at the eyepiece for your very first time at the Saturn (the sixth planet from the sun in the solar system) or the Jupiter... I guaranty you will say WoW...
Yes is true our telescope is power enough to see the  both planet but of coz is not gonna as big as like the moon but is enough to impress you already. Anyway if you are interested with this stargazing also and need someone's help... I suggest you look for Hazarry; he is a pro with it!!! Or you can also visit this site which is create by him too!

That's my telescope and he is enjoying the Saturn!!! (location at the Tasik Merimbun)

Guess how much is it! fully auto, just press the button and it bring you what star you want see!!!

DPP..... this one also power too!!!

Wondering how the star's picture taken? This is the equipment you need.