I Want To Play Also

95...., 96....., 97....., 98......, 99.............., 100..............!!!
I coming!!!!!!
Hide and Seek..... what a nice game during our old time. When I was a young boy I don't know why they call this game as Hide and Seek!!! There is nothing wrong with games or the Words, it just that my ENGLISH really not that good on that time. I tot they say "Hide and Sick"!!!! How do I know the seek means "Look for it" some how the adult always tell us "DON"T PLAY THIS GAME DURING NIGHT TIME" later you will missing in the night. So I tot that Hide already then we will get Sick!!!
hahaha stupid ya me last time??? hehehehhahahahah And that is why we only dare to play this game at day time so we don't get SICK!!!....hahahahahahahah......My my my  my......oh boy!!! we really stupid that time!! Think back also want to laugh liao!

After some time when we grow up of coz we no more playing this game with our friends anymore but very funny is we still like to play this game H&S. Not with our friends but with our girlfriend. Sometime play for an hour and sometime even few days. Just don't know why we can play this game until can be disappear for few day. But if man starting play this kind of game to the ladies that's mean he are trying to dump the girlfriend but don't know how to tell.

Then some day some how this game are boring with the girl and at the end of the game man Always the loser!!!! So again we started to look for other player! 
Oi............ Bila baya Otang??? 
Ok.....Besok besok......!!! Sure have!! Sure Have!!
Again the game start lagi!!! Not an hour or not for few day..... this one some time last for a weeks or a month!!!

We people trained to play this game during the young time and that's is why us to use it when we grow up!!! But how long that can we hide..... someday somewhere somehow it also have to come out again one right!!!!
Now I understand why is call "Hide and Sick" during my time. The more you play this game you will understand the meaning of
"Sick and Tired to Hide"!!!
Coz you never know people are still looking for you? Are they stopping playing the game long time? Am I all this time just playing alone this game with myself???
How do we stop the game? They is magic words for that if we want to stop the game for looking the hiding friends " 放牛吃草" Let go the cow eat grass. But too bad now we can't use this to call out the people who hiding us.