How To Forever Young...

"Uncle............ uncle ah uncle....." 
I hated that you know... I really hate that some young teenage call me that!!! Am I that looking old??? Hello... Excuse me!!! 

Everyone also got young before but do you have the same feeling like me too if someone just younger than you bit only ( 10 to 15 years) and called you Uncle/Auntie! I'm sure that I wasn't that old one Ok!!! I know that I not a teenage anymore but please don't call me Uncle ma!!! 
I'm just 36 nya ma.... still young wat!!! Doesn't mean I can't do the young people do ma! Infect I do the young stuff longer than the young people do now man!!! 

So how do I keep myself looking young? Ofcoz I can't wear what the youngster wears lah. The best way to make me young is to EAT a lot of Updated things. Example Music, Gadgets, Multimedia.
To me this is enough for me to keep me young especially the music. I not need to eat what Tongkat Ali or Geseng, Not need to use SKII or CK2, Just feed me all this item is enough liao. Last but not least wear Jean, Jeans always evergreen one, ever for another 100 years still popular and also wear T-shirt that it!!!
I know that we can't make our outlook always look younger but we always can have Youngest Heart in our Soul. So here are the song I special dedicate to all the Uncles-Aunties that same like me.
DPP.... we have this song form Alphaville back to 1984 and still we love this song until now. 80's Never  Die and God Bless Me Forever Young!!!

Alphaville year 2005

Alphaville year 1984