Who Is He?

First of all I want to clarified I'm not having a religious subject or topic in this post here, I just wanted to know who is he? Can anyone out there tell me about him? Thanks...
The reason why I want to ask is because I have many question about him. I remember my ex-girl friend's house they also have put this photo in their living room too. At first I thought is their great grand father so I didn't really ask her lah, but then after some time I notice some of my muslim friend's house also got put this photo too.... so it started made me more curios. Not only for the house.... even some shop or restaurant also got putting too. I asked some of my muslim friends but most of them can't gave me the exactly answer. Some say is do with the Malai's family trees again is Sheikh's or Wan's family's trees and some one even told me he is something do with the Sulu Island things lah but most of them say he is a great Imam before....... I don't know lah there is too many version about him liao and now I even saw other neighbor country people also got this picture too so maybe is not the Brunei thing but the Northern Borneo things already and that's is why I need your people's help but anyway to all my muslim friends/fans if can you help this I really really appreciate that. I really don't want to be knowing nothing about him.. what if one day some foreigner friend ask me this question and I can't answer him... Malu lah if I don't know the Brunei's history! I had checked the Brunei History Center website and I don't think he is one of the Brunei's Sultan too. Is he????

I guess he must be a very special person if not why some people would like to hang his photo in their house or restaurant together same same with our Royal Highness? 
Guys I really appreciated that if you can share or tell his story to me. I love to read Brunei's history but this is the only man I don't know who is he and what he do! I see this restaurant's owner also put some money on top of the photo frame? why have to do this??? Does it mean he can bless the owner give him more money for him? If he is doing something great for the Islam things so can I buy one of this picture from the photo studio there for my elder sister as a gift next year?( I see some photo studio also got selling it) 
My elder sister is a muslim and that's why I want to buy her a Islam's gift for her but I know I can't buy her a Qur'an coz I'm not a muslim and cannot touch it too, so I guess buying her a picture shouldn't have a problem right? 
Once again thanks for your all help here!!!