Hopes Always Be There

After few critic posts in my blog about the X'mas stuff things you know.... Then last last it wasn't that bad at all this year for me. I received a cake from a fans that he came back from Miri. Actually he is from Brunei but Study there. Thank you Ming Seng I really appreciate your cake and it taste delicious and again thanks for support my blog and buying my T-shirt.

Another person I want to Thanks for is Vance Tan. Do you guys notice that my Chat Box is changing colors already? From light blue to like brow? Thanks to Vance Tan because he buy me a 2 years Cbox Premium as a Christmas Gift for my blog. And now I have a full version of the Cbox liao.  

Again Thank you very much for both of you. I really really don't know what to say just Thanks you again.