Facebook Take Them Down

This is worst year I received the season greeting. Guess what I only got 1 person sending to me and yet it's from Kuala Lumpur none even one or half is from Brunei T.T am I that bad for the whole year???
Then last last I realize that is most of the people now a too much depends for the FB stuff.
Most of them just post on their status saying "Merry X'mas To All My Friends and Happy New Year"
For me it just sounds like you are telling not a Greeting. I understand that using FB is more convenient but it doesn't have the meaning, mood or feeling in there no wonder I don't feel like got Christmas feeling this year.
Back to few years ago me in one day I can received over a hundred of x'mas, new year and CNY season greeting OMG this year only got one nya.... You can imagine that D_T and _Mobile how much money they have lost this year, I guess at least got over an hundred thousand of messaging did not send.
Ten years ago people started no sending season greeting card. Now people started not sending season greeting through the mobile phone. so what's next???? Like last night after I saying this issue in my FB then 2 people started sending to me. Maybe next time we have to use bagging one to ask or people's greeting liao!!!
Facebook took us together but some other reason it also making us getting far and far!!! Don't you think so?