Cartoon Fans

Had anyone of you that ever heard a myth that the designer of Empire hotel he love to watch the America classic cartoon very much? He put the some cartoon stuff at some part on the building too. I used to work in the hotel there before so I heard all this stories from the senior staff there la.
So yesterday afternoon after my 100 years street searching I went to the hotel walk walk there and take picture then I remember the story of what I had heard so I decide to share here what I know.
This is the one of the building that he said the architect like to watch Transformers and that is why he design the ballroom outside look like the Transformers logo. I don't say that it really look alike but there is some part do look like the transformers logo lah, like the triangle thing to the top, the eyes with the line and the both corner of the roof sharp sharp that look like the head of transformers too!

And the other one building is this...
From some angle by looking this building it does look like that Star-Trek Spaceship. I also ever go inside the second floor and now become an IT company office, at some point it does look like inside the star trek spaceship especially the office part look like in the spaceship control room.

I don't know the story my ex-senior he told me is true or not lah at the time but think about it it does a bit look same with the design of the building. 
What I want to say is some time we just slow down a bit our foot step for awhile and see the things that always beside us and put some time to see it clearly and you maybe find some thing new and interesting again although it has been there for a long time!!!  
Next time if you visit The Empire Hotel try to spend some time to look around and maybe you can find something that you never see and notice! I had some more good story about the hotel and maybe I share with you again next time!

Some gang called my name from far far... and I was surprise this people are my reader. Is nice to have a day like this going around the Brunei and see see  look look. I been living here so many years already but yet I still haven't really see finish the whole Brunei. I think I'm gonna do this kind of trip again next week...... anyone wanna join me???