The Best Way To Use Roundabout

I want to do this post long time ago already but which I didn't is because I haven't got the best idea to do so. At first I want to do video about it but due to the safety reason and lazy to see complaining comment so I just do this simply way.
The best, easy, convenient, less accident way to use this the biggest roundabout in Brunei is limit the speed to 30km. If this kind of speed still can caught in accident then I have to say use walking one better liao!
Which is true.... I really don't understand why most of the people they use this roundabout must speed up very fast... macam like so Kiasu one... Like very one is on the race track must go fast fast. Really a bad habit, why can't they just drive nice, slow and steady. 
But anyway which is true also again many people don't really follow the law using the roundabout. From line 1 cut to line 3, cut here cut there suka suka hati cut like his/her father road one!!!!
I think if the law change like once we caught in a accident then we have to go back land transport to retake the driving exam...... Wahahah.. sure everyone is gonna be a good girl and good boy again.
I do agree some idea which can follow like other country ... Once you get a violation then not only get a Samam but also cut point too!! If the driving license not enough point already then we have to retake the test again.. Isn't that good? sure the time accident rate can lower some!!!!
Why I want to bring out this subject is not because I busy body. Is because the road user is get more! Better solve it early than wait until the shit come out then baru looking for a toilet!
Ten years ago I went to Gadong just take less than 10 minutes but now at least I have to stuck for 10 minute first in the jam....
Times Chance.... Life Chance.... System also have to follow Chance!
If still using the one inch PVC pipe for the toilet blow now, sure one day our shit kana stuck one and flow every way then by the time to baru chance also too late liao!!!!