I Want 23 Degree C....

What is wrong out there. Am I spend to much time in indoor or the outdoor actually is anang like that~
I feel so hot lah today. Went to the factory and see my T-shirt done already or not and that time only at 10:45am and the Sunlight like eating my skin so hot and gatal man. Walaupun turn the ac full full also cannot beat the sunlight. 
I though now already December and the weather suppose to be a bit chill but why today the sun so hot one out there. Turn out I also no mood to looking for things to pose in my blog too. Hopeful tomorrow the weather turn good a bit la. Maybe that is also one of the reason why is few day macan like nothing happening here in Brunei., sounds like very one turn on their silence mode sudah... Please lah cannot like that man...if like that diam diam no story I think my blog also soon kana tutup lo!!!

As I said I went to see my T-shirt and see how is it coz is already almost 3 weeks sudah and finally tomorrow I can collect it. Sorry for those people who order it and took you so long for that. And also I went to see the DST carnival at Bridex there....wah so many car and jam until the simpang back to the highway.....So no jadi to go inside see see look look, some how hot again lah so I u-turn balik home better.