TIGER.LIM™ New Facelift Coming Soon.....

Don't know why and how all of sudden it broken when I took it down and rub my eyes. It just broke... Don't know why.....
Does it mean anything???? Good Luck or Bad Luck for my next year?? Why it suddenly broken at the last day of 2010? Funny man.....
Doesn't matter what it mean lah...good kah..bad kah... I don't care one lah cuz I still have to live and go! But I can say this pair of glasses has been be with me and see a lot of things with me in my blog. I can say he also in my videos and pictures every time. Although he is wasn't a branded but still at least he let me see things cleanly for the past few years; he is a good glasses. Thanks to you and I think you can retire liao.
Anyway I think my degree also got a bit different sudah and is time to go check and make a new one. I always have a bad habit about my glasses; must wait until broken or cannot use anymore then I baru wanted to change or make a new one. I can't wear contact lens coz I have an allergic eyes if not I look very handsome one you know...heheheheheh!!!
So any Optic Store in Brunei wanted to Sponsor me??????hehehe
Of coz got give and take one lah... you good I good one mah right!!!!

Oh Ya.... One more thing I want to say is do you still remember the Brunei Justin Bieber at The Mall that I mention few days ago in my blog? Ok now the camera man has upload the video in YT and share to everyone. You guys can go and watch now either you scroll down to that post or you can click here too.  

Lated Better Than Nothing

Yes this is a very lated photo I receive.  Actually I suppose wanted post in my blog at March/April but delay until now I baru tah post coz due the my Stargazer friend busy busy until now baru remember email to me. 
Looking for a same hobby friends actually is very easy like photo shooting, football, snooker or car racing. But if like talking about Stargazing this kind of hobby I can say is really really rare in Brunei!
Some how our equipment is not easy to buy here and must go outside and buy or order online. Lagi pun is not cheap lah!!! Not everyday can use must depends the weather good or not. Some how got season again....
Banyak macam-macam one lah this hobby..... but anyway this is fun; among all my hobby(beside playing with my baby) I can say this is most beautiful hobby I have. 
I can't tell you how beautiful is it coz I don't know how to use the words/sentences to describe the feeling. But when your eye look at the eyepiece for your very first time at the Saturn (the sixth planet from the sun in the solar system) or the Jupiter... I guaranty you will say WoW...
Yes is true our telescope is power enough to see the  both planet but of coz is not gonna as big as like the moon but is enough to impress you already. Anyway if you are interested with this stargazing also and need someone's help... I suggest you look for Hazarry; he is a pro with it!!! Or you can also visit this site which is create by him too!

That's my telescope and he is enjoying the Saturn!!! (location at the Tasik Merimbun)

Guess how much is it! fully auto, just press the button and it bring you what star you want see!!!

DPP..... this one also power too!!!

Wondering how the star's picture taken? This is the equipment you need.

Special Service Delivery

I never see this kind of service in any restaurant. This is really really unique and I spotted at the Jerudong there. I saw this waitress very steady one... very automatic pull out the chair and sit down in front the customer and place her order!!!  And I don't think they know each other or their both are friend coz I don't see they both talking much and also after the waitress taking her order I also don't see they both talking. It just quite very funny and strange service provide by the waitress.....
I never see got like this one... even I am some cafe or restaurant's regular customer...still never ever any one of waitress/waiter dare to do like this. Sit down in front the customer and taking their order!!!
This is one and only!!!!!
Oi...boss where are you? Shop not need to jaga lah and harap your staff like this..... This is how man staff snake snake you also don't know!!! Die lah like that!!!
Here are the combo pictures. As you can see after she taking the order she stand up, collect back the menu, push back the chair and walk away...... Salute..... like that also can. I wander where did she learn the F&B skill from?????

Now I Know

Thank you very much to Adib JR that he give the link about the old man which is from Brudirect ( Check Here). Without your help I don't think I know about him. Then after I had read the article from the link and now I don't think I want to buy this photo for my sister as gift; buy a Tudong is Ok already!!!

Who Is He?

First of all I want to clarified I'm not having a religious subject or topic in this post here, I just wanted to know who is he? Can anyone out there tell me about him? Thanks...
The reason why I want to ask is because I have many question about him. I remember my ex-girl friend's house they also have put this photo in their living room too. At first I thought is their great grand father so I didn't really ask her lah, but then after some time I notice some of my muslim friend's house also got put this photo too.... so it started made me more curios. Not only for the house.... even some shop or restaurant also got putting too. I asked some of my muslim friends but most of them can't gave me the exactly answer. Some say is do with the Malai's family trees again is Sheikh's or Wan's family's trees and some one even told me he is something do with the Sulu Island things lah but most of them say he is a great Imam before....... I don't know lah there is too many version about him liao and now I even saw other neighbor country people also got this picture too so maybe is not the Brunei thing but the Northern Borneo things already and that's is why I need your people's help but anyway to all my muslim friends/fans if can you help this I really really appreciate that. I really don't want to be knowing nothing about him.. what if one day some foreigner friend ask me this question and I can't answer him... Malu lah if I don't know the Brunei's history! I had checked the Brunei History Center website and I don't think he is one of the Brunei's Sultan too. Is he????

I guess he must be a very special person if not why some people would like to hang his photo in their house or restaurant together same same with our Royal Highness? 
Guys I really appreciated that if you can share or tell his story to me. I love to read Brunei's history but this is the only man I don't know who is he and what he do! I see this restaurant's owner also put some money on top of the photo frame? why have to do this??? Does it mean he can bless the owner give him more money for him? If he is doing something great for the Islam things so can I buy one of this picture from the photo studio there for my elder sister as a gift next year?( I see some photo studio also got selling it) 
My elder sister is a muslim and that's why I want to buy her a Islam's gift for her but I know I can't buy her a Qur'an coz I'm not a muslim and cannot touch it too, so I guess buying her a picture shouldn't have a problem right? 
Once again thanks for your all help here!!!

Brunei Justin Bieber

I'm sure many of you in here already watch this video is you haven't then sayang lah you! This video share widely in the FB today and but too bad the unloader only share with her friends. Wait one day maybe she will post in the YT then by that time I can share with you all. Actually I can just Pirate Copy out this video but still this is not my video I think I should do it. Anyway I hope that Nikki.C can post this video asap in the YT so can sharing this young boy's talents to all the Brunei's friends

Ok so what is this video about? 
This boy I gonna say I have to solute him and he is so brave. Dance in front one of the shop at The Mall. 
The shop playing the Justin Biber's song 'Baby' and he started dance like nobody. He proud to perform to all the shopper who walking by.... So cuta lag this boy and then at the end he still giving the Space sign and give a bow again....heheh so cute. I really hope this video can post YT soon so I can share you all!!!

Update 31/12/10: So now the camera man had already upload the video at YT 2 days ago. Now you can see how cute is the boy is...

Telamba Home Stay

I do not want to make a full coverage until one day I really stay here for a night. I definitely want to stay a night here with Abd.Hadzid's Telamba Home Stay. This place is awesome man.... Nice family and the wonderful view of the Telamba River, it just next to the house.
Abd Hadzid not only provide the home stay service but also other activities too like Jungle Trekking, Boating, Crabbing or Fishing. For more information about Telamba Home Stay you can visit here. Price, location everything is in there but too bad not much picture. Same thing here I don't have much picture to show you also but I can say this place it awesome. 
Of coz for me I think this place for the Malay friends is not thing but for a Western or other foreigner  people want to experience a local life of coz this is something; and that's is why I saw a lot of tourists and backpackers pictures hang on the wall during the time their stay here. Ok that's it I tell you a little bit here and next time I show you again after I stay there one night lah!!!

I Came From Seria Town

Yes... I ordinary came from Seria Town one..... Surprise!!!!!
In 1978 that's the time we moved to Bandar Seri Begewan. Then every week end or holiday my father always bring us back to the Seria town and visit the friends, neighbor and relative. So I can say that I'm a 20% of Serian...( that's sound cool Serian hehehe ) But of coz after some time when we used the life in Bandar we also start seldom going down; accept my father!
I still remember a vivid memories of my life in my parents shop which is just in front the Seria Plaza. 
We always play on the walkway; never care other people walking by. I like to sit inside a cupboard and my brothers pushing me from one end to another end.... 

So today I went down to the Seria town together with my wife, daughter niece,mother in law plus maid go there eat eat and go go!!! I try using my camera to take back some of my baby memories and share with you all. Actually the town not much things chance lah just the road and some building looks different only.
The Marina Cinema never change still look the same but just no more movie played. Some of the old shop still there and still look the same especially the metal gate/door chairs, table, cabinet, fan, tiles.. really die old skoll man!!

Here are some picture I took and let me show you my baby time Seria!!! 
I can't remember when is the last time I watching movie here with my parents but I remember we never go to the toilet and wewe one, Just wewe on the floor of where we seat. Back to 70's and 80's that is how the kids do! coz the cinema is very dark kids never dare go toilet alone. If girl just go to a corner saja.... no body see one and that's is when last time the cinema are very smelly wewe one!!! Not only smelly wewe but also you can smell people smoking in front or beside of you. On that is watching movie also can see Smoke rising up one!!!

This is the Seria town. Back to my time there is a lot of trees and grasses but now I think this place are more hotter than last time!!!

 It used to have a small field here and my elders brother they all always play football, bicycle and play fire there. But I was too young and my maid always keep me away from them!

This is my heaven. As I say I like to sit in a box and my elder brother pushing me from on end to other end. I only can play around this area or in front of our shop only so my mom can see me and my maid! DPP back to 60's 70's this place are very happening one! Every weekend sure people mountain people sea come here and buy stuff form our shop. Even people from Bandar came to Seria town must went to our shop one time, walaupun on the way going back to Bandar and then realize forget to visit here, sure turn back to our shop again one...DPP!!!

This is not our shop but just want to show you this kind or gate is hardly see again and I don't think still got people doing this. Only go to the old old shop some still have. As you can see how Tahan is it this thing! Some how got their shop name on the door one!! good good!!! 

I still prefer the old food store at the other side one! I think that one is got more feel and the kolomee also taste better. But don't know why move to this new place the Seria kolomee also not like last time that good liao!!!

The famous Seria Kolomee!!! Bandar come to Seria sure must eat one! No eat like no coming to Seria one! Right?

You still can see this kind of old skoll chair here in some of the coffee shop. FYI all this chair are older than you and me. My mom told me back to her Young and beautiful time this chair already in the shop! Can you imagine that last time old old stuff really really tahan/lasting lah! Not like now the plactic red chair made in China one sit no more than 2year all have to throw already; if not the backrest start getting backward then is the four legs open wider and wider!!!

This is good!!! Golden Pillow and Kopi C. If you looking for a classic taste, this coffee shop is the right choice!!!

I don't think you can find this in Bandar anymore. I know there is one shop at Plaza Altira there have something like this But is not the Original type. Here The Classic biscuits is real real original one man!!!
We some time still having this kind of Kid's food at home. Is good for children cuz it wasn't that sweet as  like what we have now(of coz is not the color color on top one lah). Some how is easy to melt and is yummy to eat with Milo too!!! Sia sia pun!!!

People Mountain People Sea(Many People)

Ho..Ho...Ho... Merry Christmas!!! 
Wahh..... you see many people or not? So clouded man.... I know today is weekend and sure many people come here to take picture but I didn't expected this much of people lah, Walk also got problem already and don't say taking picture lah!!!
This year is my 1st time come here to campur-campur people and taking picture also. First of all is because I had become a father already so I guess this is some kind of the Quality Time with Family. secondly is my camera lah so come here and learn some thing lah. If not because this two thing beat me die I also don't come one. Even the CNY or Hari Raya one I also never step here before so I actually don't know is it every year like that clouded one or not only today. I took a lot of nice photo with my D90 tonight and I think next year I want to do it again.
The decoration on the hill one are awesome but I don't dare to go up there and take picture with my family. Because I see  many people none stop rushing going up and  
it looks like overloaded. I'm so worry the props can't take the weight and fall.... I see a lot of this kind of video in YT so I always keep the safety stuff in my mind. But think about it what if one day this thing it happen(touch wood) and collapse because of no controlling the public going up? I think it should have some people there to monitor. Not only just the people but also the traffic too. Car and people there are using the same road now.... so dangerous man!!! Accident this kind of things never guaranty one, Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone!!!
Better have do than no do do it before "No Happy New Year!!!!"

Hopes Always Be There

After few critic posts in my blog about the X'mas stuff things you know.... Then last last it wasn't that bad at all this year for me. I received a cake from a fans that he came back from Miri. Actually he is from Brunei but Study there. Thank you Ming Seng I really appreciate your cake and it taste delicious and again thanks for support my blog and buying my T-shirt.

Another person I want to Thanks for is Vance Tan. Do you guys notice that my Chat Box is changing colors already? From light blue to like brow? Thanks to Vance Tan because he buy me a 2 years Cbox Premium as a Christmas Gift for my blog. And now I have a full version of the Cbox liao.  

Again Thank you very much for both of you. I really really don't know what to say just Thanks you again.

Facebook Take Them Down

This is worst year I received the season greeting. Guess what I only got 1 person sending to me and yet it's from Kuala Lumpur none even one or half is from Brunei T.T am I that bad for the whole year???
Then last last I realize that is most of the people now a too much depends for the FB stuff.
Most of them just post on their status saying "Merry X'mas To All My Friends and Happy New Year"
For me it just sounds like you are telling not a Greeting. I understand that using FB is more convenient but it doesn't have the meaning, mood or feeling in there no wonder I don't feel like got Christmas feeling this year.
Back to few years ago me in one day I can received over a hundred of x'mas, new year and CNY season greeting OMG this year only got one nya.... You can imagine that D_T and _Mobile how much money they have lost this year, I guess at least got over an hundred thousand of messaging did not send.
Ten years ago people started no sending season greeting card. Now people started not sending season greeting through the mobile phone. so what's next???? Like last night after I saying this issue in my FB then 2 people started sending to me. Maybe next time we have to use bagging one to ask or people's greeting liao!!!
Facebook took us together but some other reason it also making us getting far and far!!! Don't you think so?

No X'Mas Mood

I don't know...It just that we don't feel have a Christmas mood here. It was like an ordinary dinner that we have. I went to join my friend for the Christmas dinner at the Ex-Sheraton Hotel and also in conjunction with my buddy's wife birthday too. I don't know and what the reason it just something not right!
I don't feel that there is any Christmas emotion happen there. Just feel like come here and Eat only, I see you, you see me, No Christmas music, No Turkey, No Santa, Not much deco..... The worst thing is No Christmas greeting from the staff... No smoking allow at any corner,  bouncer came to warning my friends and I don't understand why have to called the bouncer so like very serious hahaha ah that is funny!!!
 But one thing I like is their oysters still maintain the same standard, although is not grade A oysters but still is fresh. I like it!! The rest of the food just average loh... can eat la not bad also!!! But I can't say it was a Christmas Eve Dinner, it just an ordinary daily buffet. $40.00 dollars per head....... I don't think is worth it coz I don't think this is a Christmas Eve Dinner. Coz this special day must have something special thing to impress the guest. 8 of us very disappointed tonight especially the Birthday Girl. 

Tips to have fun and enjoy your Christmas dinner:
 Looking for those restaurant/outlet that their waiter/waitress is not celebrating Christmas holiday in their life. Otherwise maybe you gonna see those unhappy faces to serving you!!!


Sumbui -Sumbui a.k.a Pitcher plant, this is one of my favorite plant. Every time I saw this sure slow down my foot step and take a look for a while. There is a lot of different type, shape, size and colour you can actually find one Brunei. Not need to go deep deep inside the jungle just go the Tasik Lama on the way go up the lake there just look at the hill beside the road and you can see a lot liao.
The bigger size can up to like my palm and smallest one can be smaller than my finger tips.
I always want to get some of this bring back home to grow and hope that she can eat all the flies and mosquitos coz I really hate that.
I personally think that the Tasik Lama are much better to go than the Bukit Shabandar. I am person who like to walk slow slow and see see look look one, so compare this two recreation park I still like Tasik Lama. Why it was good??? Because it have a same initial short cut name like my
TL = Tiger Lim
TL = Tasik Lama

Here are some other picture I took at the Tasik Lama. I especially like the last one picture the message/slogan of keeping the places clean. I give 10/10 to the person who think out of this.

The Best Way To Use Roundabout

I want to do this post long time ago already but which I didn't is because I haven't got the best idea to do so. At first I want to do video about it but due to the safety reason and lazy to see complaining comment so I just do this simply way.
The best, easy, convenient, less accident way to use this the biggest roundabout in Brunei is limit the speed to 30km. If this kind of speed still can caught in accident then I have to say use walking one better liao!
Which is true.... I really don't understand why most of the people they use this roundabout must speed up very fast... macam like so Kiasu one... Like very one is on the race track must go fast fast. Really a bad habit, why can't they just drive nice, slow and steady. 
But anyway which is true also again many people don't really follow the law using the roundabout. From line 1 cut to line 3, cut here cut there suka suka hati cut like his/her father road one!!!!
I think if the law change like once we caught in a accident then we have to go back land transport to retake the driving exam...... Wahahah.. sure everyone is gonna be a good girl and good boy again.
I do agree some idea which can follow like other country ... Once you get a violation then not only get a Samam but also cut point too!! If the driving license not enough point already then we have to retake the test again.. Isn't that good? sure the time accident rate can lower some!!!!
Why I want to bring out this subject is not because I busy body. Is because the road user is get more! Better solve it early than wait until the shit come out then baru looking for a toilet!
Ten years ago I went to Gadong just take less than 10 minutes but now at least I have to stuck for 10 minute first in the jam....
Times Chance.... Life Chance.... System also have to follow Chance!
If still using the one inch PVC pipe for the toilet blow now, sure one day our shit kana stuck one and flow every way then by the time to baru chance also too late liao!!!! 

You Do, I Do

See.... this is how lah if you walk walk not see see sure hit on the table one!!!

Better watch out while you doing messaging during walking. I slammed  on one of the table here when I went to looking for my friend in his shop. I really never expected there is so many table one the walk way. It was so hurt and lucky I was 5.7 feet tall if not sure kana my little brother!!! I tot those table only place during the night time but why now day time already started! I think it should taking some action if not some day I don't know where are the shopper should walk liao!

I understand that people want to do business here but still have to think other user also. Don't just see people put table then you also want to follow!!!!!
Some how now already banned smoking on every public area so why still want to set table outside the restaurant again. Please consent about this issue!!!

KatakIjau GEN Y MUSIK FIESTA 2010 that will be held on Friday, 31st Dec 2010 - From 8 pm at Jerudong Park Mini Amphitheatre.  Ticket sale at B$8 and goes to Charity for Merapi and Mentawai Indonesia Disaster Relief Fund, Fund for LLS Autism Centre and KatakIjau School Support Program Fund. Nearly 100 GEN Y enthusiast in music, dance and entertainment industries thus include most popular Brunei artiste like HILL, FEZ MADEA, PUTRI NORIZAH P2F ARTISTES, A BAND ONCE, MAGABU and others will took part in the event for Charity Good Cause.
For more information click here.

January - December 2010

9 more days to go and we are gonna reach to the End of 2010....... fast fast fast very fast!! No sound no sound we have to say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011. Until today I totally post 442 posts in my blog, so far this year I had post the most post of pass 4 years and hopefully I can break this record next year.
Here I'm going to summary out some of my previous post in my blog. I only choose 40 posts and review with you all again see you still remember or not!
There is hundreds of funny, nice, hilarious and awesome happening or things I posted in my blog but I just took out some which I think is worth to review back and hope you people like it and what I had done for the pass whole year. Once again thanks for all your support and I hope to next year I can do much better again of my blog and bring to you all more joyful and happiness. 







Win Lose or Draw

Oh........ too bad Spring Heu did not qualified into the top 20 candidates. She is good but the other contesters also very strong especially the one from Indonesia. Spring Heu manage to get 80.7 points from the 3 judges and as you can see how good she is. Anyway you have done your best and I'm so proud of you Spring!!! I guess after this competition you are ready to have a baby liao, be a mother is more easy to be a star!!!

She's From Brunei

Anyone know about her? Her name is Hou Chun Xi A.K.A Spring Hue. She is from Brunei and also my ex-classmate+buddy back to 1994. She is participate a Hockkian Singing Competition in China and she is live on Astro TV channel 333 @8pm Hey come come watch for her perform tonight she is no: 3 performer..... Give me face and please support and vote for her too. Brunei we need your vote!!!

Beach Bunch Cleanup Episode IX Kick Off

This is the last Beach Cleanup of the year 2010 for the Beach Bunch
Too bad the weather wasn't that nice and it started rain after 1 and half hour the kick off. I wasn't surprise that not much people turn out coz due to the year end and also school holiday but we all having fun and enjoy the beach very much. We manage to collect 15Kg plastic bottles,  5Kg of Aluminum Cans and 68Kg  of General Waste. So our Beach Bunch's next cleanup could be drop at next year end of January 2011 so guys see you again next year. Wish you guys Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!!