Which One Better?

This is the only gadget let me think so long to invest one... don't know which one to buy. Simply simply touch any model also cost me thousand dollars over there very susah lah..... really don't know which one should I look for.
Today went to see see look look the dslr around the Brunei and someone told me at the Maggis Mall there got road show for the Nikon and Canon stuff and say got cheaper there. But when I see there also not so cheap man... Yah la just a bit higher then the local online shopping prices but they have give some other free gift like SD card, extra battery,books or choose printer.
I hear they just started yesterday so if you also like me plan to get one maybe can go there and see see look look too!
Why??? why............
Why Apple don't have come out a Camera lines? If have ah... I think I would not that susah susah go and think which produce's. who's brand, which one better and cheaper. I think I 100+99% buying Apple's DSLR! But I want a white color one lah.
What if Steve Jobs they have think of that and they diam diam don't let us know. I think Apple should come out that as their another product line and don't just MP3, Phone and Computer mah.... right kan? 
If have sure damn cool one...