So...... Keep It At Home?

I just saw this message last night when I driving back home. Sorry I don't know how long already it been showing up there but I guess you people also know where is this right? I kinda love this message coz is so like my style. I know it's try to tell us "Do not using the mobile phone when we are driving" but I guess the board are too short to fit the sentence so make it into short.
I'm have a simple mind one so see and think things also straight straight one. I can't help it, this is me!
So no wrong that I think this is telling me I to keep my phone at home don't bring it to my car hahaha......
Ok lah forget above it lah but it true one, this day the mobile phone are not longer as a phone already but also a MP3, GPS, Navigator, Camera, Net Gear, Game Gear, Clock, Photo Album, Camcorder, Organizer and so and so and so.... How you to tell they are making a call or messaging during driving right? They can say they just change the next track of their song list or using the GPS searching for the house and so and so. There is always have a Lobang one so I think the best way is say 
"No Handheld Gadget Using When Driving" 
Ah like that lah...... then even a Vibrator also cannot use sudah
for massage your neck when driving so everyone can concentrate in driving liao.
But say true true one lah... Back to 20 years ago that time where got mobile phone, no mp3 , no digital camera, no gps, no this, no that same same also got car accident too..........
The major problem to cause car accidents is came from people who Careless one lah.
0.03 seconds of Careless also enough can cause a serious deadly accident and die far far already!!!!
So guys driving safety and don't Careless tu!!!!