Save It Buy iPhone4 Better!

Yaloh..... why never think of that one? The cigarettes price back in 80's is $1.30  then increase, increase and increase until this 2010 now soon become $5.00 per pack. 
Last time spend $3.10 for one pack, One week 4 pack then is $12.40, so one month is $49.60, then one year is $595.00!!!
So start from today you people gonna spend $5.00 per pack, One weeks is $20.00, then one month is $80.00 so one years you gonna spend $960.00 for smoking loh right!!!
Walanman..... $960.00 per year then that's mean every years you can change a brand new iPhone 4 already loh right!!!
But still the cigarettes is cheap here, Compare to Singapore...Aiyo $5.00 no problem lah. If compare to OZ... Aiyo yo yo yo yo...... $5.00 sap sap water lah!!!
I ever buy a pack of Mal' Light at Perth guess how much there! $15.00 arh....... Walanman!!!! I can eat 15 pack of Nasi Katok liao!!! Crazy..... that's is really I can't affordable. Only buy one pack and smoke for the whole holiday there and that is my most expensive cigarettes I ever buy.