My 1st DSLR

I know I should get one of this to do some of my blog picture shooting but any where it never too late.
In fact I'm a person who like to be easy and that's is why I love to use mobile phone or a normal digital camera to take some picture. But some day some how I started realize those thing are not enough for me so I started to think get one of this DSLR in the beginning of the year.
After so many months to think, so many weeks to search, so many day to study, so many hours to read, so many minute to try and so many second to learn about the DSLR stuff; So today I finally make my final decision and get one mid range and old model but brand new Nikon DSLR. 
Some people sure think that I'm gonna get Canon for my 1st DSLR but too bad I'm not. I know sure some people say why I'm not getting the 5D,7D 60D, 550D, D7000, D this D that........
I have a very got reason why I want to get this model DSLR from Nikon.
Is a long story.... not because I don't have budget but because of the LENS man.......
I tell you again tomorrow after I have try my new gadget 1st...... 
Tomorrow lah.... I'll show you show some pictures I shoot and post in my blog here then you know why!!! 
so now you can guess why DSLR I get for this picture here first lah.