The Mall Food Court On Fire

Omg Mall food court on fire and this time is not a Fire Drill, Real one ah.. DPP there man luckily no one is hurt on this fire. At first I saw some one post a picture in FB and twitter I tot is just another drill. Then after I call my brother in The Mall then I realize is this true. So I rush to The Mall and Busy Body there lah, Thanks to one of my Philippino friend and she took the foodtage. Sorry for the bad video quality, some how I'm using iPhone so the footage cannot transfer to me. So I have to retake it using my iphone.

According to some eyewitness said the fire start from the 2nd food stall which is the Indo BBQ there.
The fire is burn through by the connected cooking exhaust fans. Maybe is because of the cylinder long time no service and it cover with the oil and that's the reason the BBQ stall has fire up the whole thing up