Lucky Winner

Siok...... siok siok siok!!!!! I also got it sign up and hope to win but too bad my LUCK wasn't that good as Saiful Asmawi Abdullah A.K.A Cepole906. He is the 1st draw winner of the SmartBru free iPad contest. He won himself a 64GB wifi+3G awesome iPad..... haiya hope that I can win for the next draw man!!!
So don't give up if you also like me have sign up for the SmartBru if you haven't sign up.... no problem is never too late coz  there is another draw coming soon. Just visit today and sign up now and you could be the next winner too. So just stay tuned for their next draw
So once again congratulation to the winner...... 
Ya ya ya  I know you both can't wait to open the box sudah tu...... enjoy and have fun with your new toy boy!!!!

I just wondering what wind is man.... Seen like everyone is in the iPad Mood today!!! Taiwan Apple Store just launching the iPad there and hundreds of people Q up for buying, then my friend in Brunei here also don't want to lost he call me up to company him to buy iPad and iTouch/ iPod Touch too.
He also got sign up for the Smartbru too but too bad no luck so today went to buy one same same as Saiful win one but he have to pay 1.2k for it!!!
The latest iPod Touch is for his wife for the coming X'mas present... Sweet!!!! Lucky I just got my new toy(Nikon D90) if not I also cannot tahan to get one Apple gadget too today! hahahahah

Ya ya ya..... X'mas presents... we know!!!

Trying with my D90 taking this picture. I only know the Auto Mode! hehehehe not bad ya!!!

 Can't wait to trying your  iPad's 3G sudah ka bro!!! Soik lah you people tonight got iPad play play loh!