iPhone4 Custom Make Tripod Stand

I can't wait for my iphone4 tripod holder which I order last week to arrived. So I went to a shop to ask them to make a L shape metal that can attach on the tripod. Is more cheaper than I order the one online but of coz lah online one are more good looking than this.
As you can see from the picture below here.... is a very simple design, just a L shape can with the hole that can screw with the tripod.
So this is how I make an iPhone4 tripod very simple and just follow my picture see how to do!

So this is how it look closely with the hole and got screw track in there. 

Next you need a normal camera tripod. My one is cheap cheap one.

And you also need a one inch of the good strong double side tape.

And then stick it on the "L" 

Next is you need a iPhone4 casing. Use like this plastic type one better so it can stick it more firmly on the "L"

Then this is how it look like with my iPhone4 tripod. Easy as ABC and cheap cheap. heheheh

If you don't want to use long long and tall tall type tripod.. you call can use like this short short and low low type also can. Isn't it good?

Here are the video I took yesterday during the rain. As you can see is was so sharp with the HD