I Love Brunei's Sunset

If you ask me which country have the Best Sunset in the World I'll definitely vote for Brunei.
Everyday we can see different type of sunset here and it always look like pieces of artwork in the sky. I like to see the sunset with the red blue and yellow one! Wah.....Every time I see that kind of sunset always make me to slow down my speed when I driving coz I love to spend more time to look at the sky. But too bad beautiful things never last long one.....

During my kampong boy time I already like to see the sunset in my kampong here. Of coz lah that time the sunset are much better than now loh the reason is Kampong's Sunset always better than the Concrete Jungle's Sunset one lah.
Back to the 80's Bandar here where got so many houses and road one, not much or car and noise. My kampong here every evening we can hear the Frogs gua gua gua , Bats fly over my house, Monkeys cari makan, Nyamuks always lepak on our head at every single sunset. hehehehe
The feeling are different one from the now but the only thing never change is the sky.... always that beautiful. Now if you want to see a Bats at the evening also susah loh. On my Kampong Boy times you can see at least 50 ekors flying over your head one. I remember one time I saw more than a hundresd ekor grouping and fly and my brother said "THE BATMAN ARE CALLING THEM NOW"!
hahaha... I know it sound stupid but believe what my brother said!!!
Every time I see the sunset it remind me my childhood's memories coz that's is the best time of all our after school back home.
I Love You 80's.