Go Left Or Go Right?

I don't know lah....
coz as far as I know when I was in Kindergarten school time our teacher already teach us Boy always use the boy toilet.... Girl goes to girl toilet Ok.... Boys never go into the Girl's toilet is understand???
YES TEACHER........ we said!!!!
So after some year some people grow up and notice that they are not a boy but is girl,  I have this question in my mind long time already and wondering which room they use but until today then I saw a ladyboy went into a Lady's room to do their things. Yes I understand that they always think they are "HER" but for us(male) no matter what they still "HE" unless he already 'potong' one sudah lah then I have nothing to say.  Ya la.... at home is Ok coz not different male or female also can use the same toilet. If is restaurant or office...still Ok lah one person one room use; some time I also went to the wrong room too. But if the restroom is bigger one type like hotel, shopping mall, hospital, cinema, Airport etc that can fit 5 to 10 people use one then How?

Is there anyone or public has already admitted Ladyboy can use Lady's rest room? 
I asked some of my female friends today and do they mind that 'They' using the lady room? 80% say yes. Some say they still think "They" are a Man shouldn't sharing with the real Woman rest room. And some say if she know the 'Person' long time already is Ok but what if that 'Person' is a fake 'Members' right?
So where should they go? If use the man's room sure don't know what's gonna happen......! Pity, pity!!!
P/s: I am not offended  to any members-membis here. They are humans too and need some "Spaces". Maybe someday somehow there is a Sign put on to show they can share with the Parental or Nursing room.
You Good, I Good And Everybody Good!!!