Final Piece “五虎吉祥” for $20.00

Alright this is my final decision for my 1st TIGERLIM™ t-shirt. Some say the 2nd design is much better than this one but due to the meaningful and cost price I had chosen this.
I know the 2nd design is good looking and I also kinda like it but the cost are really too high. One piece already $38.00 for that and minimum have to make 20 pieces, I guess most of you wouldn't want to buy that with the price right.
So this 1st design is more cheaper and the cost is $20.00 for that and I guess most if you can afford it too. Even I make 20 piece and no body want to buy still wasn't that bad for my wallet....hehehe.
I found some other factory to do this and is more cheaper but the quality is bad and not lasting too.
So I choose the one famous one at  Kiarong one to do for me lah. Their quality is much better loh. If you want it to be cheaper again and I think is hard lo unless got someone who want to sponsor me lah. 

I call this design as "Wu Hu Ji Xian" and at the back as you can see my logo for the shirt TL which is mean Tiger Lim and the bottom is my blog's URL
I'm gonna make this for 30 piece only so is kind a limited edition la hehehehehe.... even those let's say can't finish selling it off but one day if got some charity donation I also can use this for the fund too right!
Here are the some size for you to see if you want to place your pre-order. Email to me or sms me if you are interested to buy. Thanks for your support:
36-XXS, 38-XS, 40-S, 42-M, 44-L, 46-XL, 48-XXL
FYI I wear size XL