Nothing's Forever

I was shock when I saw this lady walk passing by my car. Is she sick? This is too skinny liao la man.... Jialat lah..... there is a local food call Nasi Katok kah? Try to eat that and for 3 months everyday and I'm sure she can gain some weight tu.....
I understand some lady wanted to lose their weight just to keep their body look nice. Keep is ok but not Lost control lah. For me healthy is the best and beautiful look of all. DPP I also ever got good good looking one there before you know! My body good good look until AhKua ( lady boy/she male) and Ah Gay also want  me to be their darling one you know... DPP!!!!!
I gila go gym everyday back to 2000. One week at least go 5 to 6 times, and every time work out for 3 to 5 hours one. I lost my weight form 210 pounds drop to 160 pounds. From One pack to 6 pack DPP.
At that time I'm like a crazy one and I want to built another 2 pack more. Until one day my buddy told me and he said
 'Tiger.... I know you can do it with 8 packs, but too bad we are in Brunei and you're not gonna undress everyday here unless you are in other country lah can do modeling there, all I see you are suffering yourself now'. 
Is true... at that time I'm start to diet and wanted all my fats go away... I lost control liao that time,  I even have a hard time to sit on a chair because my butt almost gone sudah and that why is pressing my balls when I sitting on a chair. Must sit side way one cannot sit straight straight one.
Thanks for my buddy and he wake me up. If not I also gonna be like this lady here. 

After 10 years.... Now me from 6 pack back to 1 pack, from 160 pounds back to 210(more to come) pounds. From a Macho Man back to a Wild Hog Man now!!!!
Aiya "Nothing is Forever one lah...."only thing is 'The thing we do Today and it follow us Tomorrow"
That's  " Memories"

So this is the reason why I like to take picture or video everyday. That's the only way to stop the time and help me to memorize my past. Coz no matter how good your brian is, some day some how the rams also gonna rosak one. So pictures and videos  are the best thing to help me to keep my pass.
I'm so worry one day if I "Latli" sudah then if I don't have this picture and video right now, all my past also follow to be Latli liao!!!!
Some say "Don't Waste Your Time Otherwise You're Regret "!!! For me "It Just How You HOLD The Time Lah".
Don't Play Play......Really got 6 Biji Durian tu!!! But now only left 1 biji Nangka!!!!
Picture taken at the Harum Gym 2000 November