Beach Cleanup With STPRI's Year 9

This morning Beach Bunch has been invited by STPRI to participate in Serasa Beach clean up. The weather was nice of coz not for all people especially for the girls for is I like it yo. There is 52 year 9 students and 5 teacher from the school and from our side not much lah only got 7 people form Beach Bunch aiyo what to do Saturday mostly they all still working one.
We spend 1 hour to to the cleaning and segregate the garbage into Plastic bottle, Aluminum and General waste. And now I'm so sting like a dog and need to Pom Pom 1st. 
Wanna join us? Just visit the Beach Bunch Facebook Fan Page  and click be part of Beach Bunch too.

Ya... that is our Core Value but is not a easy task!!!

Yeah..... I know, I know I'm Sting Ok but it's worth for the day!!!

Segregate is the part mostly people don't like to do but is very important stage before it send to the recycle factory.

If you takut dirty.... then you cannot challenge with our Beach Bunch's Angels here!!! 

Having fun right girls??? Look at the beautiful sky we have here in Brunei!!!