Another Why......

Doesn't matter come with what colors as long as 3 difference colors and it only can found with the Female Cat. Never know why it only happen to Female Cat and I never see it with Male Cat have like that. Why ha??? Anyone know why??? Why why tell me why! 
I been looking for many years to search a 3 colors cat with male one which I want to proof I am wrong  but until now still haven't see one. 

Some people say Black cat is for Bad Luck then there must have a cat is mean for good luck one right? Got bad sure must got good, If this 3 colors which is true only for the Female I guess it can bring good luck to the owner then.
Agree 1 ???????

Do you see some restaurant or shop the owner place a toy cat on the counter there and the cat's one hand weaving there? That is call "Zhao Chai Mao". People believe this cat can bring their business good good. This things actually come from the Japan. According to the Japan's story it say long long time ago a man( some thing  like a governor ) went to a town and he is hungry but this is his 1st time visit the town and don't know where to find a  restaurant, then suddenly he saw a FAT CAT with 3 colors one sit in front of a door weaving him like calling him to come inside the house. So he went in to the house then he notice that is a restaurant then from day the restaurant business  getting better and better. So about this story people believe that the cat bring the restaurant good luck and then start to place the 3 colors cat in front their shop. so this how the story from lah.
So I just want to say and proof about the cat in the story. According the story of the cat that the man saw.
A Fat Cat with 3 colors...... mmmmmh maybe that is a Pregnant Cat and not a fat cat lah!!!
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Weaving then hand??? I think is the cat washing her face kali..... cat has a habit to do that one... if you have a cat you know how they do... it's just like brushing and cleaning the face, ears and whiskers. so front far it look like weaving you! 
So I guess that Japanese guys he saw is a 3 colors Pregnant cat washing her face in front of the door.
not a Big Fat 3 colors cat weaving at him to coming to the restaurant lah....
Maybe he is too hungry liao on that time that's why got illusion though the cat calling him.hahahaha
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