Analog Never Died

This is really really stupid accessories for the iPod, So wasted my money to buy it. Listen guys don't buy this FM Transmitter for your iPod to play in your car because it never give you the best quality for sound. The reason I bought this accessories is because of my car audio player are the built in type one so cannot use the after market car audio player. The only way to play my ipod's music in my car is to use this type FM transmitter. I'm so disappointed with the sound quality of what I got. Some time on the road I even got received other people car's song play in my car , It so annoying very time this happen really Jialat man....!
So the only way to solve this problem is to use another set of player which have a connector for the iPod and it's has to hide some way in my car but of coz which is not a good idea lah.
Then the other way is use the Classic Accessories that can play the Portable CD player with the Cassettes deck in your car that back in the 80's one.....
Guess what...... I finally found it!!!! 

This is so stupid to buy for you ipod!

Man...... This one really cannot and don't Play Play!!!! Invented in the 80's and I still can manage to buy in the late 2000. This accessory can say is already extinct one ah!!!!! As you can see the plastic cover pun also turn yellow already. And the color at the paper there from red also turn to pink from blue also turn purple Don't play play the power adaptor is still working. Awesome!!!!

Analog Never Died!!!!

I been looking for this almost an years, go look all the Car accessories shop around in the Brunei, Indian shop,Chinese shop, super market and even went down to Limbang and Miri also don't have. Last last I found it today in an Oldskoll  department store which is just a kilometer away from my house. I found it on the bottom+corner in the shop and it was so dark+massy+dusty there, if I didn't really go look for it and I don't think anyone can see it there.
This thing I guess got almost more than 20 years liao in the shop and is made in Japan one DPP there.
The good news is there is still have about 3 more set in the shop so anyone want to get one of this too? 
Email me if you want to know where to buy!!! eheheheh

I was so surprise when I see the price tag, after so many years in the box and yet the price never drop one. B$25.00 for a 20 years ago goods. What to do.... I need it so much so even 35 or 45 dollars also have to buy lah. But think about it is still cheaper than the stupid FM transmitter. Although it cannot be portable but still the sound is much better than the FM transmitter, Not need power to play at all, not need to worry other people's song played in my car and the best thing is so Awesome!!!!

Made in Japan. Tokyo one ah..... not China one Ok!! DPP

What a Classic man.....

And this is how it look like in my car now!!!

Moral of this story is....... 
"Don't Give Up of What You Looking For" 
some day some where you were found of what you want
it's just the matter of TIME!!!